“I went to Carlita with a myriad of issues which I had prioritized, the first being hypervigilance and anxiety related to long term PTSD. I have seen four hypnotherapists prior, dating back to the 80’s so I have a rudimentary understanding of various styles and techniques. I have been  extremely impressed by Carlita. She was totally with me during the initial interview and took copious notes while listening empathetically and carefully linking events and outcomes.

She is very caring, gentle and safe. It was very obvious that she had invested a lot of thought, time and expertise in preparing for our session. She induced me quickly and the density of the content of the session was astonishing. It became even more obvious to me after the session how much care and preparation had gone into it. Immediately after my session I went into an altered state and slept for hours in the middle of the day. For the following weeks, my sleep patterns were radically different, adding many more hours to my sleep time for subconscious to sort out what had been input. The results have been most gratifying indeed. I have a achieved a state of calmness that is reflected in countless ways in my daily activities, from the basics such as driving to broader strokes such as how I choose to spend my days. Carlita gets my highest recommendation. I am very particular about my professional affiliations and was well rewarded in this case. Thanks so much, Carlita.

Richard D”Amato, Spiral dynamics expert


“I went to Carlita because I have had a chronic hip/sciatica and lower back problem for around 15 years. At the time of session, my hips had gotten so painful, it was difficult to walk. I had already known that this problem was a carryover from past lives and have done other types of alternative healing, but I had never had the opportunity to do regression therapy. I had an instant connection with Carlita, as she has a warmth and softness that makes one feel safe and secure. Both of my sessions with her were incredibly poignant. I was taken back to my origins and was able to heal deep wounds that I had been carrying around for many lifetimes. I also had some incredible revelations about my purpose in this lifetime and past lifetimes. The experience took me totally by surprise. I felt a huge release in both my body and soul. The very next morning I woke up pain free. I have been pain free ever since. It is the first time in years that I have not been conscious of the pain and stiffness in my hips and lower back. I cannot say enough about my experience with Carlita. I feel like I made a giant step forward in my journey in very brief time I spent with her.”

Lynn Mizono

“I have worked with three past life therapists, including one at The Light Institute where Shirley McClaine went to. I can say with confidence that Carlita is up there with the pros. I was very quickly taken very deep as she guided me. I viewed three past lives, and Carlita was even able to verify with her knowledge of history that something I saw in one life was accurate. My mind wasn’t just making it up. I saw the patterns in the three lives I had with a person I know now, and was able to release and let go on a deeper level. I gained understanding and insight. And all for a price that is about 10 to 20% of what I’d paid in the USA!”

Susan Schenck, LAc, author of The Live Food Factor and Beyond Broccoli, Cuenca, Ecuador.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful Hypnosis Therapy experience. The type of therapy that you have conducted on me has completely transitioned my thoughts about old painful feelings from my past to ones of peace. I feel as if the memories of the few past situations we covered have dissolved. It’s as if my brain doesn’t even feel the need to go back there. I feel I have, at last, allowed myself to heal.  I look forward to working with you in the near future to explore more of my Inner Psyche to accomplish deep personal healing.”

K. Kons, Ogden, UT

“Before my session Carlita explained everything so clearly and informatively that I felt very comfortable going ahead with hypnotherapy using skype. Her voice was amazingly reassuring and she was completely focused on my well being throughout. The session itself was relaxed and actually very enjoyable with a great lifting of tension and although many deep memories were raised, it was all within a safe context and Carlita’s voice talked me through the deep meditation very expertly. I would happily recommend this method and Carlita to anyone considering hypnotherapy.  I would like to add that the wonderful positive sense I have had since has strengthened my enjoyment of life and whether it’s through my positiveness since the session or not I have been offered, out of the blue, a marvelous new venture. So I truly wish to thank Carlita for being the catalyst.”-

H. Scott-Daniels, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK.

“Carlita is not only a very talented Hypnotherapist, she also has the uncanny ability to keep her fingers on the pulse of the root of the problem.  I had such great results in such a short period of time with Carlita, I will definitely schedule future sessions with her.  Her compassion and understanding made me feel very at ease and gave me the support I needed to improve my life dramatically”

A. Juneau, Intuitive healing arts practitioner, New Orleans, LA, USA
Thank you
Be The Change Hypnotherapy

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