Past Life Regression

Have you ever wondered why someone you just met seems so familiar to you?

Would you like to discover who or what you were in a previous life and tap into your DNA soul memory?

Did you know that some health problems come from unresolved past life trauma?

These are just a few things you can discover and heal when doing a past life regression.

Carlita has given hundreds of past life regressions to clients over the years, there is always something to learn from each individual’s soul memory and past life experiences. Carlita can open a portal where time becomes irrelevant, and the client can step into the past or what feels like a parallel universal experience, many say it is a very powerful and healing experience.

Past Life Regression sessions last between an hour and an hour and a half.

If you haven’t dealt with healing your current past, Carlita recommends starting off with a present life regression to work through, heal and let go of traumas in this life time, before doing a past life regression.

Present Life Regressions are quite different to past life regressions. Listen to a Free Present Life Regression you can do at home, note that working one to one with a hypnotherapist brings about much deeper relaxation with physical techniques used by the hypnotherapist, although when listening to a hypnotherapy session on your own more than once can also help deepen the level of relaxation and hence the beneficial properties of hypnotherapy.

Listen to a Free Hypnotherapy Session to clear and heal your past here to help you move forward in your life.

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Present Life Regressions are 30 dollars

Past Life Regression Sessions are 60 dollars

All sessions are recorded for the client to listen to again later

“I have worked with three past life therapists, including one at The Light Institute where Shirley McClaine went to. I can say with confidence that Carlita is up there with the pros. I was very quickly taken very deep as she guided me. I viewed three past lives, and Carlita was even able to verify with her knowledge of history that something I saw in one life was accurate. My mind wasn’t just making it up. I saw the patterns in the three lives I had with a person I know now, and was able to release and let go on a deeper level. I gained understanding and insight. And all for a price that is about 10 to 20% of what I’d paid in the USA!”

Susan Schenck, LAc, author of The Live Food Factor and Beyond Broccoli, Cuenca, Ecuador.

Carlita with Buddy

It was a beautiful day in Ecuador 2012, and some beautiful days we meet beautiful souls. Buddy booked a hypnotherapy session with me for a Past Life Regression, after his session, we talked endlessly. He has a very vibrant energy and we connected instantly. Buddy has de-programmed himself away from the illusion of aging and the illusion of time, and it rubs off on the company he keeps, so much so that when I walked into the office with him it was 2.30pm and by the time we had finished it was 5pm, where had all that time gone?

Buddy has a very humble demeanour and I know to some sceptics he may sound as if he is making some extraordinary claims. However, whilst studying him I could see he was speaking the truth, his truth is his daily reality. I could  see how young looking his body and face looked, especially by the quality of the skin on his arms. I realized,  I was in the presence of a being that had reached a level of consciousness in himself, where he had physically rejuvenated his body and cells from ageing and illness and he is still getting younger looking with the work he is doing on himself, he tells me he has not been ill for years. Buddy say’s it is down to being ”awake”, conscious of being conscious and simple programming of the cells and DNA and it works.  Buddy is walking proof that the spiritual being in the human body can  break through mindset limitations . We have the ability to go beyond our conditioning, our idea of what reality is, is an illusion, we are and can be so much more than what we believe ourselves to be or are led to believe about ourselves. We are infinite consciousness, we can create a whole new way of being, a whole new reality, a world and level of health, peace and happiness that is beyond most peoples concepts or understanding…..

We are now moving beyond understanding by just being, being conscious of being in the moment and finding out what that really means we are or where we can stretch our abilities that we thought were previously so limited. People like Buddy are an Inspiration to many to evolve consciousness and discover what gifts we have as spiritual beings having this human experience and how changing our mindset can change our physical well being also.


Buddy talking about Awakening

Thank you

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