Trance-Formational Conversation and Hypnotherapy Coaching

Over 150 examples of issues Hypnotherapy can help.

Stress, Money Mindset, Weight loss, Gut related issues, Inner Conflict, Memory recall, Improving Memory, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Asthma, Diabetes Type 2 Management, Trauma, PDST, Substance Abuse, Studying Habits, Fears, Phobias, Insomnia, Pain Management, Self Integration, Decisions, Divorce Recovery, Social Anxiety, Performance Anxiety, Public Speaking, Exam Anxiety, Grief, Depression, Self-Confidence, Motivation, Self-image, Stress, Anger, Fear of driving on motorways, Frustration, Worry, Guilt, Forgiveness, Bad Habits, Nail biting, Anxiety, Assertiveness, Public speaking, Memory improvement, Concentration levels, Sports Performance, Stuttering, Fear of Dentists, Lowering blood pressure, Quitting Smoking, Stage fright, Reinforcing Goals, Procrastination, Changing habits, Attitude adjustment, Career success, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Anxiety, Relationship enhancement, Hair twisting, Nausea, Cancer pain, Surgical recovery, Tardiness, Gambling, Performance anxiety, Perfectionism, Lack of initiative, Self-expression, Helplessness, Hopelessness, Overly self-critical, Negativism, Bereavement, Loss, Sadness, Writers Block, Insecurity, Tics, Mistrust, Abandonment, Victimization, Exercise motivation, Anaesthesia, Cravings, Creativity, Presurgical, Trauma, Postsurgical recovery help, Fear of School, Cramps, Chronic Pain, Gagging, Problem Solving, Dreams, Hypertension, Nightmares, Resistance, Headaches, Migraine, remembering where you left things, Responsibility, Immune System, Self-Forgiveness, Fear of Death, Thumb Sucking, Relaxation, Stubbornness, Breathing, Irrational thoughts, Self-Mastery, Fear of Hospitals, Fear of Surgery, Assist Healing, Child Birth, Sexual Problems, Agoraphobia, Obsessions, Passive-Aggressive, Obsessive-Compulsive, Relaxation, Addictions, Improving overall Health, Bed Wetting, Sleep Disorders, Skin Problems, Medication Side Effects, Preparing for Death, Inhibition, Fear of Flying, Fear of Heights, Fear of Water, Phobias, Communication, Self-Sabotaging Behaviours, Criticism, Irritability, Pessimism, Controlling Behaviours, Social Phobia, Discouraged, Hypochondria, Fear of Failure, Self-Awareness, Fear of Success, Aggression, Lack of Ambition, Self-Esteem, Self-Blame, Inferiority, Hostility, Defensiveness, Superiority, Moodiness, Jealousy, Overeating, Skin conditions, Eczema, Fear of heights, Rejection, Age Regression, Shame, Past Life Regression, Indecision, Irrational thoughts, Resistance to Change, Lack of Enthusiasm, Self-Hypnosis, Lack of Direction, Restlessness, Ulcers, Relaxation, and much more…

We all have a conscious mind. Hypnotherapy and Conversational Hypnotherapy deals directly with your unconscious mind or the inner mind by bypassing the conscious, logical, analytical mind, which saves you time and money compared to having years of generic psychology/ psychotherapy sessions, which may not cut through to the root cause of the issue as rapidly. Meanwhile, we can have a tendency to build up an unconscious resistance to conventional therapy, which we can bypass with hypnotherapy or conversational hypnotherapy by having a powerful direct conversation with the unconscious, or what I like to call ”Trance-Formation Conversation”. 

Our beliefs and behaviours are within the unconscious mind, the conscious mind is responsible for guarding them.

Each Hypnotherapy Coaching Session is tailor-made to suit each individual’s required needs. 

During a coaching session, firstly, we talk about your issues and challenges, then we heal the source of pain or cause of the problem, then we install new positive beliefs into the subconscious mind, all while you don’t even notice in an effortless safe environment.

We can do this by simple sessions of transformative conversation, that may seem abstract but they take you into a light trance which is still powerfully working on your subconscious mind, where we can uncover the strange abstract web of associations around your issue. The hypnotherapist will asked skilled questions to help the client get to the root of the issue themselves, while we might speak in metaphors, we don’t have to understand the problem for you as we know that your mind can resolve and work through and heal the problem itself with our skilled questions and your mind’s ability to do its own uncovering process. This is different from giving you a session that is based on a script which may address and help some issues, but Conversational Hypnotherapy can achieve a lot of deep results too.

That’s why it’s really important to explore some issues that the client has been struggling with and really just allow ourselves in our sessions to go with the flow with the clients because the client’s subconscious mind can join the dots with skilled questions from us and piece everything together, to expose the root of the issue and it doesn’t necessarily need to be understood by us, but it will be understood by the client either during after the session or even days after their session.

Depending on your challenges, I may teach you self hypnosis techniques to deprogram negative behaviour and reinforce your new preferred behaviour. The therapy sessions are pleasant, relaxing and some are even fun, while  you are taken into a deep relaxation where direct communication with the unconscious mind is established, where our minds and bodies are able to accept new ideas, therefore a sense of deep profound transformation is often experienced, whether it be conquering old behavioural patterns, phobias or anxieties, working on some self development issues, reducing physical pain, dissolving traumas,  exploring past lives, or simply for therapeutic relaxation. Hypnosis is a powerful form of therapy.

Grief Counselling offered with Hypnotherapy

Carlita specializes and offers support and guidance for deep trauma and grief, loss and the sense of hopelessness, depression and even darker thoughts that accompany this difficult time for people who have lost spouses, or close family members. In times of grief we also find that those people we once called friends drop away and even family members just do not want to talk about what has happened. Carlita has found that from her own traumas, or severe grief experience five years ago, that hypnotherapy and conversational trance can helps the bereavement process.

Go to our page on Grief- here

Free Discovery Call
Free Discovery Call

We have a 20 to 30 minute discussion about your problem and goals, we will get to know each other and how hypnotherapy would help you. Send me an email so we can schedule a zoom call

5 Online Hypnotherapy Sessions for Anxiety, Changing Bad Habits, Grief, Inner Conflict, Pain, Confidence

Remote sessions tailored to your needs, I offer these via Zoom. Plus one Free Preliminary Discovery Call required first.

Please be advised to book a Free Discovery Call before booking a Hypnotherapy Session

Book a Free Consultation Session First, to talk about your problem and discover how I can help you heal yourself, in just one or two sessions!

90 Day MindLift Hypnocoaching Program

90 Days to MindLift Off-

Debug your Mind from Anxiety, Healing the Root Cause. Build Better Communication. Build More Self Confidence, Perform better in Social Situations

Coaching includes course books

24 live weekly coaching sessions. 2 times a week over 24 weeks!

12 home recorded hypnotherapy sessions to debug your mind from anxiety and negative thinking and build self confidence

Schedule a free discovery call to see how I can help you debug your mind from anxiety, self sabotage, and help you rebuild your self confidence

Weight Loss, Gluten Free Living

60 Days to Weight Loss or Gluten Free Living, No Mind fog! Feeling Healthier and More Energy

Amazing 10 Weeks to get you on track with this big diet and lifestyle change

Send me an email so we can schedule a session

Visit our Testimonials page to see how Carlita helped other people

Contact Carlita if you have any questions at

Be The Change Hypnotherapy

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