Ancient Peruvian Earth Wisdom Healing For People and Planet

As modern society has developed, we have become more and more removed from nature. One would imagine that an advanced civilization would have less illness, however in our world, we have exponential explosions of cancer, autoimmune disease and inflammation in humans. We have become more detached from nature and over dependent on technology which is damaging our natural equilibrium with nature, effecting our health and our spiritual connection with Earth. Reconnecting with Earth by using ancient Incan Earth Wisdom, we can nurture our dialogue with Earth and connect more easily with other animal species, with the cosmos and elements.

Carlita is an ecologist, mesa carrier, earth healer, she prefers to avoid labels like what others might call ‘ecotherapist’, ‘forest bathing’ or ‘nature therapy’, as an oxymoron it is a strange thing using these words, connecting with nature should come naturally to all of us and giving it one of those names means we perceive nature as still separate from us. This is a mistake, as we are always nature and nature is us. Carlita also uses ancient Incan traditions taught from an Incan shaman named Puma who comes from generations of shamans that go back to ancient roots, Puma was taught by his grandfather secretly, that even his parents did not know. One day he was told by his grandfather it was time to share their secret teachings with the world. Carlita is one of Pumas many students, and she uses these ancient practices that go back to legends before Earth. These teachings are a gift to humanity to understand our true nature and to speak with Earth, Nature, Animals, the Elements, the Land spirits and the Cosmos. These teachings are important integrations for her healing modalities, for her community, and global family, ancestors, keeping a dialogue with our ancestors, elements, animal spirits, nuestras, apus and so on brings empowerment and life restored balance reconnecting long forgotten ancient wisdom, which brings so much into our lives and is a way of giving so much back to Earth and all her blessings. She may teach some people these special practices, if they are open to them and should feel a need to create a powerful connection with Pacha Mama, Cosmos, ancestors and spiritual guides.

Carlita encourages human reconnection with nature and ancient indigenous Earth Wisdom for facilitating inner peace and healing, understanding our true origins and our natural relationship to nature, helps us understand our true inner power.

Ancient Incan Dispacho Ceremony,giving back to Pacha Mama

One example of these beautiful teachings is we can give back to Pacha Mama with intent and gratitude with dispacho ceremonies, which is a way of returning the life force and abundance to Earth and all her beauty and life giving powers. Carlita combines a blend of ancient Incan Shamanic healing arts with other healing modalities to be of service to others, hypnotherapy, equine-therapy and geomancy, dowsing, geomancy involves understanding ley-line energies. These ancient Incan teachings are so powerful we can use them to create new powerful healing ley lines to heal land and connect them to the other powerful ley lines, bringing powerful healing energies to where ever we need to heal the land and raise the consciousness vibrations in our communities and to reconnect a geographic area to the healing energies around the planet. Carlita offers ceremonies and ley line building workshops to teach other Earth Wisdom practitioners how to bring more harmony to their lives and their community and heal their environment. Using these modalities facilitates healing, empathy and deeper connectivity with one another, other species and planet.

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