Ancient Earth Wisdom Healing For People and Planet

Carlita is an ecologist, and earth healer, she uses Incan traditions to help heal the Earth and create a powerful connection with Pacha Mama, Cosmos, ancestors and our spiritual guides. Carlita encourages human reconnection with nature and ancient indigenous Earth Wisdom for facilitating inner peace and healing, she is continually studying ancient Incan teachings which were kept secret for centuries until recently when a Peruvian Shaman was permitted by his grandfather to start sharing them with the world, these teachings are immensely valuable for healing humanity, nurturing our relationship with Pacha Mama and the Cosmos, understanding our true origins and power. As modern society has progressed, humans have become more detached from nature and over dependent on technology which is damaging our spiritual connection with Earth and our health. Using ancient Incan Earth Wisdom, we can nurture our dialogue with Earth and connect more easily with other animal species, with the cosmos and elements.

Ancient Incan Dispacho Ceremony,giving back to Pacha Mama

We can give back to Pacha Mama with intent and gratitude with dispacho ceremonies, which is a way of giving back to Earth and all her beauty and abundance. Carlita combines a blend of ancient Incan Shamanic healing arts with ecotherapy, hypnotherapy, equine-therapy and geomancy, dowsing, geomancy involves understanding leyline energies, redirecting leylines to heal land, create more powerful healing energies and to reconnect an area to the healing energies around the planet. Carlita offers ceremony and leyline building workshops to teach people how to bring more harmony to their lives and their community and heal their environment, to help bring balance, healing and health to communities, to the land and reconnecting them to their land and spiritual power of the land. Using these modalities facilitates healing, empathy and deeper connectivity with one another, other species, ancient wisdom and planet.

Workshops in Mexico, coming soon!

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