The Ecology of Consciousness Part 2

 ”Repression of the ecological unconscious is the deepest root of many of the psychological, social, ecological, spiritual, and physical problems in contemporary industrial society. Ecocidal policies do not only attack and devastate ‘external’ nature but our ‘internal’ natures as well. This is why deep ecology is about ‘Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind’‘ – TheodoreContinue reading “The Ecology of Consciousness Part 2”

The Ecology of Consciousness Part 1

There are a few speakers on human consciousness and psychology who take into account everything which we experience, even the negative emotions are valuable in indicating our growth and self-nurturing, with the exception of the work of Matt Licata and Jeff Foster. An interesting explanation of depression: Jeff Foster says it is a sign ofContinue reading “The Ecology of Consciousness Part 1”

A Different Perspective on Depression and the Ecology of Human Consciousness

An aspect of Deep Ecology is Eco-psychology or Eco-therapy and it takes into account our internal emotional and mental state and how this is creating our external environment. You may have had feelings of being unfulfilled, deepening apathy, depression, loss, anxiety and despair. Perhaps these feelings are rooted in the belief that we are separateContinue reading “A Different Perspective on Depression and the Ecology of Human Consciousness”

Multidimensional Entities, Spiritual Crisis, The Human Condition & Healing

Science already understands that everything is made up of energy. We are experimenting with giant Quantum field D-Wave computer systems, blasting neutrinos at CERN, well that is what they tell us this machine is doing, there is more likely a more complex function and agenda involved. Then there are some physicists and eccentric inventors whoContinue reading “Multidimensional Entities, Spiritual Crisis, The Human Condition & Healing”

Pet Bereavement

Some people may be surprised to read that losing a pet such as a dog or a cat or even a bird or a hamster, what ever the form of your furry companion, can put someone into a state of severe grief, just as devastating as if not more so than losing a person. ThisContinue reading “Pet Bereavement”

Dowsing Earth Energies at Sacred Springs in France

Two years ago I went dowsing Ley Lines,  at Sacred Springs and the Black Virgin in Caunes-Minervois : Le site de Notre Dame du Cros Caunes is famed for its pink marble, which is a deep pink with thick veins of quartz, the marble has been mined at a quarry close to the Valley atContinue reading “Dowsing Earth Energies at Sacred Springs in France”

Co-Creation verses Toxic New Age ‘Positive’ Thinking

A great misconception ”Think positive thoughts and only positivity and love always, positivity and love will then be seen in your world and will happen to you” .  To a small degree, feeling and thinking positively can help how we experience life when navigating through a challenging situation and what we receive back from thatContinue reading “Co-Creation verses Toxic New Age ‘Positive’ Thinking”

IMMERSION: A Week Long Retreat in the Andes of Ecuador

Originally posted on Spirit Medicine:
Are you ready for change yet don’t know what to do next? Do you feel like there is something holding you back? That you feel tired and drained most of the time, and that your relationships and work life are unfulfilling? Do you know what is stopping you from receiving the health,…