Returning to the Beloved

”You will learn to lovebeyond the formOut of time and spaceYou will cross the borders of the mindYou will understand that love does not depend on anythingand is what inhabitsin everything createdYou will love until you become part of the beloved,It’s the promise you made to yourselfbefore having incarnated” —-‘Aprenderás amarMás allá de la formaFueraContinue reading “Returning to the Beloved”

No more reactive behaviour-discarding old patterns

It’s important to remember that those coping strategies that helped you to survive, may not help you to heal from what you survived. They were defense mechanisms, parts that you developed in order to manage unbearable realities. They were the best friends many of us had, as children. But healing requires something different. Our healingContinue reading “No more reactive behaviour-discarding old patterns”

Gluten Free Living and Probiotics in a Nutshell

It is amazing how emotionally entwined we are with our food and eating habits, even if we are not actually conscious of it, this is only really noticed when we have to stop eating common foods such as sugar, wheat, and dairy. When we have to give these foods up for a special health- relatedContinue reading “Gluten Free Living and Probiotics in a Nutshell”

Multidimensional Soul Ecology

Taking a spontaneous glimpse at the ecology of multidimensional beings. Sharing some experiences. I tried to share some photo files of orbs and Sunships but sadly Zoom wouldn’t show some of the pictures I thought I was sharing. I will have to do another visual presentation on this topic again later, to show more, butContinue reading “Multidimensional Soul Ecology”

“Caffe Sospeso”- Do not Suspend Kindness, Suspend a Coffee instead!

Nine years ago I learned the original story of ”Suspended Coffee” , Very Heart warming. A story Translated to English from Italian originally told by Antonio “Tonino” Guerra (16 March 1920 – 21 March 2012), he was an Italian concentration camp survivor, poet, writer and screenwriter who has collaborated with some of the most prominentContinue reading ““Caffe Sospeso”- Do not Suspend Kindness, Suspend a Coffee instead!”

Is This You Every Morning?

Are you ready to learn How to Debug your Mind from Negative Thoughts? Is everything you are doing not helping you to make progress? Do you feel tired of hearing your own negative mind chatter? That’s why I created the Morning Mindset Motivation Method. You will learn how to eliminate negative thoughts, replace them withContinue reading “Is This You Every Morning?”

Combatting negative thoughts

Debug your mind from negativity and start entering a more positive chapter of a new life- with my FREE new ebook- Morning Mindset Motivation workbook formula! For best use, download and print off! If you would like to have grief counselling with Carlita please contact her at or book a free 30 minute consultationContinue reading “Combatting negative thoughts”