Russian Dolls- excerpt from “The Unfoldment” by Neil Kramer

What is special about human consciousness is that it can conceptualize to  degree that few other conscious entities can (at least, that we are commonly aware of). Humans can not only perceive and respond to things in their physical environment, but they can form mental pictures of objects, scenarios, and ideas in an entirely abstractContinue reading “Russian Dolls- excerpt from “The Unfoldment” by Neil Kramer”

Trust the Universe and Trust that you are Unlimited Infinite Potential

Video- Have you ever hit rock bottom in your life, lost your job, your home,  lost a loved one, all the perceived security and when you have lost everything, you realize it is the best gift you have been shown as you begin to discover how much richness and infinite potential is found inContinue reading “Trust the Universe and Trust that you are Unlimited Infinite Potential”

Reality Shifts: What Happens to Those Who Slip Between the Cracks of Time and Space?

Perception determines “truth.” We invent our own reality through our own perceptions and others’, and by accepting what appears to be real as real. History is filled with stories of people who, in “slipping between the cracks” of their own consciousness (thus altering how they perceived the world around them) uncovered different ways to experienceContinue reading “Reality Shifts: What Happens to Those Who Slip Between the Cracks of Time and Space?”

The Mystery of Who You Are?

We are establishing a previously broken bridge between spirituality and science, we are discovering that Consciousness is the Foundation of All that is in Existence. That there are no limits to what the creator is observing, or what the observer is creating into existence………. The Observer being Consciousness.   ”In my experience, everyone will sayContinue reading “The Mystery of Who You Are?”

The world is blessed to have Marula

Carlita and Marula Marula’s Website – I went to see my friend Marula, she is a very gifted Quantum Healer, I wanted to introduce her to Buddy and as I am soon leaving Ecuador and she will be going back to Hawaii where her home is, we needed to do some more work together.Continue reading “The world is blessed to have Marula”