James Horak

With thanks to a wonderful friend of mine, who yesterday informed me of the sad passing of our mutual friend James Horak, ”M” was close with James, and we still have a friendship that was a gift from James. James was like no other human being, and those that knew James well enough, know exactlyContinue reading “James Horak”

Archonic Soul Agenda

Archonic & reptilian Soul Agenda: Exposing our Reptilian “Leaders” on Earth with Gary Peter Carlson Gary Peter Carlson explains the spiritual agendas behind the global hierarchy structures with Alfred Lambremont Webre. Gary Peter Carlson does Soul Readings, go to his website I check your soul Gary explains your soul lives forever, your body is temporary,Continue reading “Archonic Soul Agenda”

Patented Flower in a Planet Sized Laboratory

A poem I wrote 8 years ago, seems very prophetic, reading it now. I never thought I would be living this reality. Patented Flower in a Planet Sized Laboratory We are human beings,not a production line,let us remain spirit,Not human swine. The earth, our birth right to roam free,Our forests,Our water, to share,freedom to breathContinue reading “Patented Flower in a Planet Sized Laboratory”

Hypnotherapy for Nutritional Management and Healthier Eating

Hypnotherapy is commonly used for helping people improve their general Well Being, Health and Better Eating Habits. Some may be surprised to learn that hypnotherapy has been successfully used to treating patients in clinical nutritional management. For people needing extra support here, hypnotherapy can improve the lives of people who suffer with diabetes, people withContinue reading “Hypnotherapy for Nutritional Management and Healthier Eating”

First Steps to Trauma Recovery

Deep trauma and loss takes a few years to recover from, about 3 years of your life or more. There’s not much you can do to try and speed up the process. In a world where people demand instant results, this is not possible, you have to learn to be kind to yourself and nurtureContinue reading “First Steps to Trauma Recovery”

In the light of Transformation, all pain is gain

Whether you have gone through loss, grief, trauma, disappointment, when ever a period of life made you feel uncomfortable, perhaps you see it as loss, however, understand that actually, you gained a lot more that has made you richer inside and more resilient. Facing a difficult period in life means you were challenged, you underContinue reading “In the light of Transformation, all pain is gain”

Losing Social Connection is an Emotional Trauma

  ”Man cannot live alone. He must satisfy certain natural basic needs in order to survive. He has to enter into relationships with his fellowmen for living a life. No man can break the shackles of mutual dependence. This begins perhaps between the embryo and the mother and continues till his last breath. The needContinue reading “Losing Social Connection is an Emotional Trauma”

A Fresh Perspective on Depression

  Surviving Depression- Corporate Devolution versus Ecology and Biophilia Despite more people being aware of the environmental problems we have far less environmental conservation jobs and ecological science is the lowest-paid scientific job today, than it was forty years ago. There is no such thing as real conservation laws while corporations own politicians who rewriteContinue reading “A Fresh Perspective on Depression”