Debug your Mind!

Are you struggling with grief, anxiety, depression, low-self esteem? I have created a free ebook- a Morning Mindset Motivation workbook which will help you debug your mind of negative thoughts and implement new positive healthy thoughts and mindset. We need to clear and debug the attics of our lives before we can see that reflectedContinue reading “Debug your Mind!”

Re-evaluating our Values

Re-evaluating our Values. When youth is full of promise, young adults feel an infinite energy to reach their dreams and aspirations, some privileged enough may realize their dreams all the way through with no challenges if they have the right support and resources. The values of western culture and society emphasize fulfilment can only beContinue reading “Re-evaluating our Values”

Combatting negative thoughts

Debug your mind from negativity and start entering a more positive chapter of a new life- with my FREE new ebook- Morning Mindset Motivation workbook formula! For best use, download and print off! If you would like to have grief counselling with Carlita please contact her at or book a free 30 minute consultationContinue reading “Combatting negative thoughts”

The Path of the Wounded Healer

Carlita’s story– It’s been four years since I lost my husband. I still miss him more than ever, that won’t change because he was a special soul, who is still with me, and who is still very much alive traversing the spiritual universe. I am not my story, you are not your story, but weContinue reading “The Path of the Wounded Healer”

A Return to Multidimensional Consciousness

I found this piece of writing from 2017. It resonates more than ever today. I’m being directed to begin to understand that ancient Earth had a holographic and multidimensional field that some races of ancient civilizations perceived with their field of sensory perception from Latin America to Mesopotamia and Egypt. And the remnants of thisContinue reading “A Return to Multidimensional Consciousness”

Uncharted Waters

When you no longer see the point to anything anymore, its a tough place to be, it feels like you are drowning. There’s that sinking feeling every day in the pit of your stomach, it means you feel you have lost your purpose, or a purpose that gave you a reason to keep going before.Continue reading “Uncharted Waters”

God has a Plan

We are establishing a previously broken bridge between spirituality and science, we are discovering that Consciousness is the Foundation of All that is in Existence. That there are no limits to what the creator is observing, or what the observer is creating into existence……….The Observer being Consciousness itself, not the Id *Identity of self, steppingContinue reading “God has a Plan”

Two Simple Lessons

Two simple lessons – when we let fear be the governor of how we live, we create a prison of eternal suffering for ourselves and others. When we let love be the foundation of how we live, eternal love and joy overflows for ourselves and others. Dos lecciones simples: cuando dejamos que el miedo gobierneContinue reading “Two Simple Lessons”