Returning to Awakened Imagination

Almost 10 years ago one of my earliest solar powered podcasts, recorded on my boat about Neville Goddard, who was the first pioneer on the law of assumption, Barbadian New Thought author and mystic, manifesting one’s reality using conscious intent, high frequency emotions, meditation and mindset

Listen here

As I walked along by the water this evening,  I looked out at the starry sky at the reflection of my mind, contemplating the universe, the law of assumption and the power of imagination. I began to feel distant from my physical body and mind, as if the dream was my waking state and that imagination is where we are truly alive and powerfully connected with infinity, our souls lay there sleepy, undiscovered, perhaps a little frustrated with us waiting for us to discover the power of our true nature, only when we reach the crossing point from the prison of this reality to states that tap into the aliveness of imagi-nation, i magic nation, I am magic nation.  When we learn the immense value and potency of what it means to bring imagination into this reality, it is to realize our dreams here now.

To do this we transcend the falseness of this prison we have made for ourselves through believing collectively that this reality is so real because we think it is the only one that we can rely on for survival, we strongly believe we need money to see our dreams come true and the only way to obtain it,  is to work hard to get what we want with sacrifices. Our programming is so strongly engrained, we collectively have bound ourselves to a deep enslavement to this reality. We believe the game we are playing is more important than discovering our true potential, we have forgotten how simple it is to step into self empowerment to get what we truly desire, which is always to transcend from one level of consciousness to a higher level.

However, one by one, each of us is being called upon to awaken from this waking dream into the inner power of our consciousness, our imaginations. We are each a piece of walking unrealized magic with an incredible ability to mould reality to create a life we have only ever dreamed of. We each of us believe it is unobtainable because we have enslaved ourselves to the programming that has been fed to us.

We have allowed our imaginations to become commandeered by the current oligarchic machine, owned by the programming of this illusionary reality. We allow it to continue by thinking we have to rely on what is dictated and governed over us in order to survive. The truth is far more surreal and yet so simply potent, once we are able to understand we are extremely powerful beings able to manifest all we need via our imaginations, via the law of assumption, the law of realizing we are a part of God.

 We are blessed reflections of god consciousness, blessed to manifest our hearts desire into reality, through the power of our imagination as god is love and wants us to have our hearts desire.  God continues to create, God Consciousness never stops creating, creation is infinite and all powerful, ever changing, God consciousness creates through us via the power of imagination………which is why any talented artist will say, s/he is simply a vessel for creativity itself to work through. It is now crucial timing, everything is in place for this transformation, for when we each realize this cosmic seed has been laying dormant within each of us.

Inside of you, whilst you read these words, this seed is waiting for you to open your eyes to the truth and let the sun shine on the inside to germinate the power of your imagination. This is why we are the answer, we are what we have been waiting for. The destruction manifesting around us is simply a reflection of the disconnection we feel with the cosmic seed, our imaginations,  our oneness, the key to realizing god is within, this is what will transform our current reality. It is an inside job now, nothing we do externally will prevent our enslavement from this reality other than awakening to self empowerment and self-sufficiency within each of us. This is the only way our existing enslavement will dissolve into oblivion, a parasitic force cannot have power over us when we realize we are greater that it, the reason it wants to own our imaginations by feeding us media programming is to keep us from realizing this simple truth.

Take a moment to remember a time when you felt deeply relaxed and at peace, now imagine something you desire deeply, step into the feeling of it and feel the sensation of it physically manifest in your body, by feeling it you are assuming it is granted, it is realized, that is all you need to do, this is the law of assumption and acknowledgement of infinite God consciousness. With this you are about to unleash the potential of your self empowerment. Practice this every night before you fall asleep, it is a discipline as we have abandoned our minds and imaginations to be governed by outside forces, with practice and connecting to feeling, the intensity of your imagination and feeling dictates the time period at which it becomes reality. Not only does this transform you, it also transforms the world you live in and the more of us that realize this, the more powerful we all become and the quicker the outward transformation reflects our inner awakening of the biggest kept secret.

We can step into the state we were in as children, this time, the difference is we are reuniting with the cosmic magic of the multiverse, the sacred feminine, the power of creation, realizing how we reflect god through consciousness with our gifts of imagination and the law of assumption to manifest further infinite magical gifts.

This is how we begin to understand that we are more powerful than we believe ourselves to be, once we see the results of this power, when we can see the magic in imagination and our ability to change our world into what we want it to be rather than believing that we are victims or helpless slaves to a greater malevolent force that has illusionary power over us. Once we transcend this false illusion, we are able to walk the kingdom of heaven on this earth. We will see healing spilling out through to Gaia and the cosmos will reunite with us. Earth knows she is a manifestation of god consciousness already, she waits for us to remember that we are too.

Thank you for your attention

With Love, Carlita Shaw

(Originally written and published 1st January 2014)

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