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“There is something in the human spirit that will survive and prevail, there is a tiny and brilliant light burning in the heart of man that will not go out no matter how dark the world becomes.” -Leo Tolstoy.

There are alternative energy and alternative fuel solutions to replace oil and nuclear power already in existence, such as the waterfuel cell cars currently on the market courtesy of Stan Myers, Genepax, Honda, Hyunda and Toyota, there are compressed air cars, solar cars and electric cars as well as biofuel cars. There are technologies, concepts and initiatives presented in older articles in my blog which are being implemented and those who are implementing them are the new bridge builders from an old, out-dated paradigm to a new way of being with one another and with planet Earth.

There are many alternative technologies and concepts which connects those of us that are making lifestyle changes to have less of a human imprint on the environment or other species, we are the seeds of change. Hope is with those of us who are pioneers of crypto-currencies, open-source software and alternative energy pioneers and designers of alternative natural capital and green economic systems.

Hope is with those of us who have built or are forming alternative conscious communities. Hope is with those of us who are relocating to places where we can have more control over these choices and create new societies, until the waves of the collective consciousness are strong enough to make the leap of faith to a more holistic, unified humanity, living harmoniously with Planet Earth. Hope is kept alive through individuals and communities willing to take action internally and externally for the good of the Earth. We cannot sit back and wait for someone else to take responsibility or we will be complicit in this silent ecocide.

A gradual development of strong community systems locally and worldwide for sustainable living methods will give us an expanding autonomy from the matrix of dependence and slavery that people find themselves in when they do start the unfolding towards truth and harmony. Oligarchic suppression has had imperialistic and fascist clutches globally with its obsession with short-term profits beyond the margins of the Earth’s natural resources.

Individuals have begun to question the true motivations of the international oligarchic agenda to control food, medicines and our health and education choices. while more paid taxes is government money misspent and perpetually invested in war, rather than education, environmental issues, or making our cities, communities, energy and food resources sustainable. Public transparency is required for anyone who regulates government spending of taxes without public consultation, usually though it is spent on military and black projects. We, the people need to take back control, creating more transparency for the public and constant regulation of where people’s taxes are spent, what other ways can we change the severely corrupt system going on within the vaults of closed government departments?

We need transparency on so many levels and we need to completely restructure the system, politically, socially and economically. But instead of this, surveillance on civilians is increased and everything is being done to decrease regulations on present governments, elite and corporations, protecting their power interests and giving them further privileges that elevate their status to a place which is above the law.

“Never forget that no government has wealth of its own to spend. The money has to come from taxation, monetary inflation, or debt expansion that must be paid later. And government’s spending choices will always be uneconomic relative to how society would use that wealth. That is to say, the money will be wasted.”– Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.”

Equality can be integrated into new sustainable communities by evolving a non-judgmental way of being and working with one another. Equality builds trust, whereas hierarchical and religious structures create a climate of mistrust, domination and fear, fragmenting and dis-empowering individuals and communities. We can adapt to our changing environment by withdrawing ourselves as ‘currency’ from the archaic systems of power and educate ourselves to the self empowerment phase where we become responsible for ourselves. We can do this by simply no longer ”buying” into this system and making lifestyle and ethical choices to consciously act and live more sustainably and respectfully towards one another and the Earth.

Humanity is evolving faster than the capitalist machine that it has been coerced into an existence of servitude, therefore in order to survive economic and environmental changes, we must learn to take responsibility for ourselves, to create new sustainable systems. During the current global ´´economic collapse´´, there is an opportunity for us to create a sustainable economy that is within the means of the Earth’s natural resources, this would be natural capital which could have the power to enrich previously poor countries and wipe off world debt as well as making people treat nature with more respect as some people unfortunately have to put a financial value on things in order to respect those things. If this is the only way we can get some people to respect Nature, then so be it. See my earlier article on Financial Collapse & Solutions in Natural Economy, Decentralization & Community Managed Natural

Despite our planet accommodating nearly seven billion people, it is a myth that over-population is the main reason for straining the Earth’s natural resources. More than half of the world’s population lives on less than a dollar a day – this is the half that the west has turned into slave nations via international trading treaties, commissions and biotechnology companies controlling the world’s food, outsourcing production in these conveniently disposable slave nations.

There are more than five billion people who live with little access to adequate shelter, clean water, food, education or health care. The remaining western world puts the biggest strain on the planet. Yet, we can switch our economy to one based on value of biodiversity and natural capital, and wipe off third world debt and new wealth would be instilled in the world’s currently poorest nations in the form of the natural capital which they sit on. Energy and agricultural systems would become more sustainable, when we do eventually start to use more exotic alternative energy systems domestically and industrially, we will have more than enough resources for mankind.

While governments conveniently ignore alternative solutions and their official departments presently mismanage resources via centralised power structures, we will continue to have disparity and poverty.

Looking back at ancient agricultural systems, before resources were controlled by distant powers, we survived very well with localised ecological farming techniques, this is what we can breathe new life into. If every community put local resources and manpower into this, we could still build bridges as a step in the right direction, without having to wait for governments to change. If every family had an acre or more of land in which to grow their own food, we would not know starvation. We, the people, have a right to take back management of local natural resources such as water and crops in a sustainable and localised way. Money, greed and centralisation of global power over natural resources is strained and volatile. The present centralisation of power creates the illusion that natural resources are scarce, solely because governments profit from this illusion.

Overpopulation myths are used as one of many veils to perpetuate unethical world debt, trading sanctions and exploitative land laws along with other excuses for orchestrated genocides as means to sponsor wars. The problem is ‘centralisation’ of natural resources and power and the fiercely guarded secret that humanity sits upon powerful advanced energy technology and chemical-free rain engineering technology to make rain where there are deserts, See my Interview with Trevor James Constable, the Cosmic Pulse of Life . Governments profit from pollution and drought, water is the next blue gold. This advanced technology can provide every single human being with abundant clean water, fertile soil, sustainable food sources and free energy.

While the oligarchic elite, vehemently guard control of their central power, it can only result in an accelerating ecological imbalance and human suffering with ecocidal and genocidal consequences. It is logical to say that this ship is sinking, when those in charge of navigating it, are only interested in the lives of its passengers, they care only for profit and are not acting with any morality or ecological values for Earth or human kind. It is the perfect illustration that financial greed has outgrown itself to the point of destruction – a sure sign that human values need to change.

Unfortunately, people in western society are unlikely to do anything about this unless it starts to affect their quality of life. As for the oligarchy, it will be a long time before they begin to feel the pinch, since they are extremely wealthy and control everything, so they are highly unlikely to make any changes. Those of us who are experiencing the full blow of the current environmental crisis are most likely the poorest and the rural indigenous in developing nations who are paying with their daily lives. The fisherman and farmers are already feeling the effects, indigenous land defenders are immediate targets and victims, they are courageous and continue to stand up against adversity even if it means death, and that while governments are suppressing sustainable technologies that could transform fuel, energy and water into abundant resources.

Capitalism as it is at present, can no longer survive the way in which it is currently driving consumerism and management of global resources and finances. Centralisation of natural resources makes people in poor countries poorer, it allows the Western world to unjustly outsource to produce slaves in slave nations and exploit natural resources in developing countries. These are the unethical products of Capitalism from which we must move away. We must avoid other previous political ‘isms’ that have carried destructive elements of fascism, and which do not nurture self-empowerment of the individual and the community. There has to be a balance.

To be continued….


Carlita Shaw

Author of
The Silent Ecocide,
a crisis of human consciousness.


Surviving Depression in a Depressing World, an Ecological Perspective

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