Gluten Free Living and Probiotics in a Nutshell

It is amazing how emotionally entwined we are with our food and eating habits, even if we are not actually conscious of it, this is only really noticed when we have to stop eating common foods such as sugar, wheat, and dairy. When we have to give these foods up for a special health- related diet, or to lose weight, or if we find out we are allergic or intolerant to something, to detox, or to feel better emotionally, mentally and physically. We have to go through an emotionally uncomfortable withdrawal period. Initially, the first few weeks of giving up a specific food, is when we find ourselves getting irritable, angry, upset or even bursting into tears like children do, fully grown adults are suddenly reverted back to child-like reactions because they cannot eat their favourite food.

It is understandable really, it doesn’t matter what culture we are from, every culture mostly builds itself around food, most cultures are defined by their food. Every family revolves its life around food and bringing up children has always been focused on what foods they eat. So we are emotionally imprinted with food rewards or abstinence. Our eating habits define us, they are part of our early emotional make up, when we were children we remember being rewarded for good behaviour with special treats, just as we do the same to train our pets, children are conditioned in that way. Food and emotional attachment to it, is very deeply socially and culturally ingrained and if we are told we cannot eat something, we feel like we are being told we cannot participate in an enjoyable social event or we feel like we are being punished by not being able to eat a piece of chocolate cake with Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice-cream, while we watch everyone else indulge themselves.

Therefore, I have included one of my hypnotherapy mp3 healthy eating sessions in this ebook, to help support your mind and emotions through this transition period to give up the foods that are causing you health issues and start eating healthier.

Take a sneak preview at the contents

The Gluten-Free Diet and the Connection to Mental Health ……..6

Healing the Gut, Healing the Mind…….7

Getting Tested for Gluten Intolerance…….8

What is Gluten and why some people intolerant to it…….10

Celiac disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance……11

How to transit to gluten free lifestyle…….16

Benefits of Living Gluten Free………17

Foods you can eat instead of wheat…….18

Foods you should avoid when going Gluten Free……20

Preparation and setting up a Gluten Free Kitchen……21

Beware List……22

Maintaining a Gluten Free Diet….25

Misconceptions when going on a Gluten Free Diet….28

Tips for Children on the Gluten Free diet……..30

Shopping and Food Labels…..33

Tips for eating out and traveling…34

Handy Grocery List and Recipies…….35

Meal Plans………55

The importance of Probiotics in the Gluten Free Kitchen……58

Get your copy of this handy ebook below, purchase and receive book via email


Gluten Free Living and Probiotics in a Nutshell ebook

Everything you need to know to fast track transition to gluten free living, save time and follow great tips and advice from someone who has been through this too in this handy little guide.


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