Multidimensional Soul Ecology

Multidimensional worlds intermeshed within worlds

Taking a spontaneous glimpse at the ecology of multidimensional beings. Sharing some experiences. I tried to share some photo files of orbs and Sunships but sadly Zoom wouldn’t show some of the pictures I thought I was sharing. I will have to do another visual presentation on this topic again later, to show more, but I do show you how to get to the SOHO site, when and how to find the Sunships. Due to the grief and PTSD, my brain gets muddled more, my mental focus isn’t what it once was, I apologize for I was a bit confused and dyslexic in this talk when I meant to say James Horak, I kept calling him Trevor at 32.12 minutes regarding the EMVs and Sunships.

James had a special personal connection with these EM Vehicles, he also called God’s Farmers. There are four interviews with James Horak

There was one interview with Trevor James Constable, his last public interview, Trevor had a special relationship and connection to the biological UFOs he called critters, he talked about how he could make them show up by doing tai chi or qigong spinning, he said they liked that, they like the chi energy, it was Trevor James Constables last public interview, there at Sailing Beyond Knowledge Radio at Podomatic. We discuss unseen beings in these dimensions and we talk about aether science, he was the last man to have an in depth knowledge of aether engineering along with one of his colleagues who were high ranking navy or pilots who did some aether engineering flights, and achieved rain in places that had water shortages, for example in Malaysia, without chemicals or aerosol spraying. If Scientists admitted that aether existed, this would also show we live in a multidimensional reality material, and spiritual.

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