Re-evaluating our Values

Re-evaluating our Values.

When youth is full of promise, young adults feel an infinite energy to reach their dreams and aspirations, some privileged enough may realize their dreams all the way through with no challenges if they have the right support and resources.

The values of western culture and society emphasize fulfilment can only be gained in material things and in our achievements, in improving our status and professional careers. These false values create unrealistic pressures and demands of people, which can be very stressful and rob people of quality time with friends or family, this is wrong, we are not robots, we are human beings. Our inner mental health is out of balance with nature; what people accept as normal, shouldn’t be taken as normal.

Generally, is acknowledged that ”depression” is a multifaceted umbrella term, hosting an intrinsic number of problems associated with society and the environment. The contemporary lifestyle has been the cause of many health problems related to chronic inflammation and health issues connected to poor nutrition and poor diet. Immune system problems are now on the rise, cancer, autoimmune illnesses and synthetic electromagnetic interferences such as geopathic stress, are becoming increasingly more prevalent as technology evolves, and these are affecting human well-being.

UCL scientists have recently shown that brain chemistry is not the main reason people suffer from depression. UCL researchers recently published that there is no strong evidence that low serotonin levels cause depression. The scientific research conducted a study involving tens of thousands of people who took part in a thorough assessment of previous assessments and meta-studies of the relationship between depression and serotonin activity.

“There is no clear evidence that serotonin levels or serotonin activity cause depression,” according to a study published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry.

Professor Joanna Moncrieff, the UCL study’s lead author, said in a statement, “Many people take antidepressants because they have been led to believe their depression has a biochemical cause, but this new research suggests this belief is not grounded in evidence.”

So now we need to spread this new information since taking medication for depression is certainly not addressing the problem, its just another treatment lining pockets of the pharmaceutical industry.

In my last book Surviving Depression in a Depressing World, an Ecological Perspective, I outline why it’s crucial that amidst the phenomena of more dependence on technology to run society and systems, this rise in global technocracy, could be part of why people feel more depressed, are they feeling disconnected from their humanity? Therefore, we may need to forge a stronger connection with what makes us human, nature and the Earth. Keeping hold of our humanity rather than losing our humanity in a sea of distraction and demoralization. It might be a time to start returning to healthier values that are an intrinsic part of the fabric of human consciousness.

This reminds me of cultural historian and humanist Paul Von Ward, who wrote ‘Our Solarian Legacy’ and Jeremy Griffith, a biologist, who wrote ‘Freedom, The End of the Human Condition’, they both have different perspectives on human evolution and consciousness. Von Ward, shows evidence that it is possible we have been taught to use power, status, violence and negative behaviours through our past interactions with non terrestrial beings influencing societies, cultures and socially and biologically engineering us in ancient history.

Some ancient historic evidence will elude to our interactions with other non terrestrial civilizations especially across Latin America, there are some ancient Peruvian Incan legends that indicate humanity was born from ancient giant ”Gods” that walked this Earth who came from the Pleiadian stars. There are countless others in Australian aboriginal and African cultures, Egyptian and also in ancient Hindu Vedic scriptures.

There is , no such thing as junk DNA either, it is simply DNA that has no terrestrial biological connections, this could possibly mean we have non-terrestrial DNA. Griffith has other ideas about our human nature, he looks at the Bonobo our closest biological relative which is extremely social, kind and loving, not aggressive in nature or hungry for power. Griffith still feels part of our problem is our loss of understanding who we really are and some archetypal pressures and social engineering, and again he suggests we have lost touch with our morality and humanity.

In William Bramley’s book, The Gods of Eden, he shared stories from the previous wars front lines, where he explained German and British soldiers made friends over Christmas, they started by playing football in No Man’s Land, then sharing cigarettes, dancing and singing songs together. It was only when being forced or coerced by the highest ranking military with orders from the top, were they forced to go back to their opposite barracks, and fight each other again. They were told to leave or be shot for being deserters. In the end, the military had to bring in replacement soldiers to keep fighting.

Isn’t it mainly those in positions of power that lack empathy, is it those in power that resort to violence, usually not by getting involved directly themselves but by playing several opponents up against one another in a Machiavellian style by manipulation and coercion? Is it that we have an imbalance in society because those that tend to occupy positions of power got there because they lack morals, ethics and are instead sociopaths or have psychopathic tendencies? Is this why we are seeing more corruption within the system these days than ever before?

From my perspective as someone who understands the power of mass hypnosis, and mind control, demoralization of humans and society is not by accident, it is deeply entrenched in western culture in all media forms, horror movies, pornography, violence in television and video games, all these are forms of social engineering and programs for the human mind to become demoralized and easily influenced in ways that allow other forms of mass formation psychosis and mass hypnosis.

The more demoralised programming we have been exposed to, the more disconnected we are from our humanity, from what we know is inherently right or wrong, which causes conflict and confusion in our youth culture. Unless we have great parents that can keep that strong in us and undo what western culture instils in young people. If we don’t have a health community around us, and most people in the west have lost community hubs and support systems, people feel more isolated than ever even with the convenience of technology. It seems people are very lost and confused and that we are losing touch with what makes us human, as pop culture idolises that merging with machine gives us special powers. Whereas the fact is keeping hold of our humanity, is also keeping our unique and special powers, that which makes us uniquely human!

The more we are exposed to negative programming, the more demoralized we become, and the more prone we are to violence, and immoral acts.

This is why its important to start questioning social values, particularly as we see some newly emerging social archetypes being forced onto very young children that are not healthy and certainly not something children naturally need to be thinking about or exposed to while they are still being children, why not save these things which they naturally come to explore when they are being teenagers.

As a result of this demoralisation programming, many people are probably living in a state of denial or have been desensitized by a culture that sees war, environmental destruction, poverty, homelessness, violence slavery, child sexual abuse and injustices as part of a normal world. This is more mentally disturbing for those of us that have compassion and empathy. Many people that suffer from depression are people who have a peaceful vision of humanity but are overwhelmed by the negativity and find it harder to live in such a polarised world.

If I have reached my goals, why am I still unhappy?

This is why some people may be dismayed when they attain their initial goals but are still unhappy, as it is not the true essence of what fulfils them, they may have taken on the ideas and values that society dictates to us. We grow up being told we need a university education, we need to have this dream job, with this dream income, this car, this house, this type of lifestyle, this relationship. We thought that is was what we wanted, but our deeper truer self feels something is still missing and isn’t satisfied with that. This can lead to a sense of confusion, and even shame, or embarrassment for some people as they’re living up to the expectations of society and are afraid of disappointing those around them that look up to them or admire them, but truth is they aren’t feeling that they are personally fulfilled and are not sure what to do next. Then they might struggle with depression, or feeling at a dead end may bring up feelings of disillusionment.

Outside the western world, most people who grow up in poorer countries have to work much harder to attain their dreams. Many don’t have the luxury to even entertain fulfilling their dreams and don’t get to realize their aspirations at all due to social constraints, cultural beliefs or lack of resources or finances holding them back. These people have to be true warriors, going through life at its mercy, with being taught to set aside what their heart desires and just making the best of what they have.

Many people fall into commitments that mean they have to sacrifice dreams for family or they experience serious health challenges that prevent them from reaching their goals, or their lives have been devastated in other ways related to loss, external catastrophe, natural disasters or economic crisis, or even worse war and violence.

We all have different paths, however, there is always a way to learn some important lessons about our truer voice and purpose in this world. Whether it be what we think we know it to be, or whether it be something else, that surprises us.

People who feel sad about the state of the world, might be led to believe by others that they may be mentally ill, this is not true! These feelings are a healthy reaction in a balanced human being to what is a disturbing world that we live in. Jiddu Krishnamurti was right when he said “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

So this means feeling depressed, sad and overwhelmed at the current state of things in the world means actually shows we have ethics, morals, and a conscience, an empathic heart caring about the well-being of others, it means we are all connected which is why we feel pain when we see another’s suffering and that includes the plight of Planet Earth. We are all one!
There is a growing body of theoretical and empirical work on the effects of environmental degradation and people’s happiness and health.

One paper found that using a log-linear method for the panel of 21 countries for the period 1970-2005, showed that environmental degradation affects the happiness of people. As environment degradation increases, people’s happiness decreases. Further economic growth is found to have a positive and significant impact on the happiness of the people, whereas wage inequality and cost of living had negative and significant effects, 1Aviral Kumar Tiwari, (2011) ”Happiness and Environmental Degradation: What Determines Happiness?”, Economics Bulletin, Vol. 31 No. 4 pp. 3192-3210.

So this is just one clear example that we are deeply connected to nature and therefore need to nurture more interaction and spend more time in nature, do more activities that help us feel more connected to nature as we are nature, and seeing nature hurt and damaged, makes us feel the same.

Depression may be manifesting as a collective symptom in the noosphere of human consciousness, suicide rates are growing each year exponentially and indicate the crisis of human consciousness and how we need to change our values and priorities in society and how must learn to live within this Blue Green Planet without destroying it or ourselves in the process. As we process our recognition that something is fundamentally wrong, such as with any disease, or illness, we look for the root causes and apply ourselves in ways we can personally heal; we also can contribute to becoming part of the solution. When we heal ourselves, we can help others and apply ourselves to some useful purpose and function by focusing on our local community and environmental needs.

We all reach some points in our lives where we have to reassess what we put value on before, if that value is serving us or causing us to be depressed because its no longer healthy to have that value? Therefore, if things aren’t working as they once did, it is time to approach the problem with a different solution, and to find the root cause of the problem if possible. We may be forced by some event to shift our perspective and create new goals and let go of the old ones as universal consciousness guides us to our inner truth.

For some this is a hard process, failure is a teacher, hard for some because we have wrapped up our identities in our egos and professional status. Life will teach us that these are false values, true self worth and value comes from self acceptance, natural purpose and love, not from external approval or admiration of others.

We have reached a Nexus in societies and cultures across the planet where millions are being forced out of the professions they loved due to social and political pressures attempting to dictate their health choices and making them chose between enforced mandates or their professions and their retirement pension. It was stated in recent human resources data of an unusually significant increase of resignations from summer 2020 and 2021.

There will be a grieving process for many people who have been forced to leave their job. This has to be accepted and it takes time, it brings us to our truer nature, integrity matters for humanity that seem to be important now, morals and ethics are held up high as people make a stand for freedom of choice and health matters since no one should be forced or coerced to do anything when it comes to matters of health. Whatever the situation, no one should be made to feel guilty about their personal choices, or being forced to give up their privacy over their health choices, ”for the good of society”. That is a very dangerously loaded phrase that uses guilt manipulation as ammunition. When authorities and governments are resorting to the weaponization of words for coercion, rather than for the good of the individual who still has inalienable rights to maintain personal choice, privacy and freedom to choose, then something is definitely wrong with the system.

Current events are forcing many of us to re-evaluate everything in life, not just society and government institutions but in every aspect or our lives.
Do not give up, you are not alone, you will find a new way to integrate what you want to do and are passionate about in other ways. You will find a truer way to tread a new path that is more authentic to your heart.

It is possible to survive and re-establish oneself again after tragedy or difficult times. We are very resilient beings. Humans have been through many rises and falls of empires and civilizations.

What we learn is through the kindness of others, friends, family and of creating a community of like minds around us, in these times is key to survival and thrivalism of our humanity.

The quality of your heart and soul, is the only thing you take with you when you die, not your material wealth, status, fame, academic achievements, none of that will matter. What does matter is how well you served others in this world from your heart, what you learned from loving kindness, were you kind and loving to others unconditionally? As the bigger picture will tell us that we are here for reasons beyond our own personal dreams and aspirations.
We are not here to get what we want out of life, we are actually here for other reasons that we will never know, we are also here to be of service to others in this life.

Love and Kindness is the only true thing of value that people will remember us for when we are physically gone from this world, we live on in the hearts and minds of those we touched.

The world is crying out for people like this, to just see the true and simple yet great value in being of service in life to others and to nature, if we look at everything we do, even the smallest act of kindness, being of service to others in some small way, even the smallest way is significant.

When we interact with people each day, we know very little about their lives, their losses, traumas or tragedies, they could be suffering a lot, walking around with a lot of pain inside them, yet they may put on a brave face and even smile and joke to mask how they’re truly feeling because perhaps they learned that just being the best version of themselves, despite all the hardship, is better than being bitter about ones life.

How we deal with our pain and suffering is always a choice, some choose to be a better version of themselves while others prefer to make the lives of those around them more miserable by making them suffer with more pain.

You are worthy, you were born to express your own uniqueness, and I suspect that treasure is buried in your heart and soul and if you haven’t found it yet, ask to uncover it, it will arise in you or outside you in your life in little universal synch winks, moments of synchronicity or unexpected opportunities will open up to you.

Its time to go back to our humanity, we are amazing as human beings, we were born into the world with an innate self worth and confidence that is natural in all children, however, as we grow into young adults it may be eroded and taken away from us through social conditioning and indoctrination, values instilled in us that were not originally our own.

So its time to wipe the slate clean and see whatever changes have arisen in your life as an opportunity to rebuild some new solid foundations in self worth that relies on inner acceptance from your own heart and soul, not external acceptance from society, family, or other people.
The quality of a kind of heart and soul you have is important, our lives are about what, how, who and when we are of service to others, human, animal, Earth included. Beyond our personal goals and interests in life, aside from us being wired to think life is something we get all our dreams and ambitions out of. God, divine will or whatever you believe has other plans for us, we are here for a much larger purpose than we’ll ever fully understand, its outside the scope of our tiny brains and minds to comprehend our ultimate divine purpose! Very few humans get to know what that really is.

Kindness and gratitude is a good place to start building a more healthy purpose instead of putting our self worth on superficial things. We have re-evaluated what it is and what it isn’t. When you do this, your life becomes much richer and it is easier to start over again and begin to find sparks of joy and moments of peace.

Life becomes an adventure, as it means you may have undiscovered talents and joys to experience that which you never knew you had waiting for you.

Especially if you dare to go out of your comfort zone and try different things, you will grow and discover more about yourself. There is always something new to discover about what and who we are, even the oldest sages said that when ancient people may have lived a few hundred more years than us, that they too still hadn’t discovered or felt that they knew themselves, that is why the wisest man or woman says ”I know nothing!”. Because what there is to know and learn is infinite in nature.

We start to uncover what our true purpose in life is, by learning what it isn’t, identifying and discarding those values that were dictated to us by society, school, governments, no longer serve who we truly are.

Human consciousness, planetary consciousness is evolving. The resistance and struggle is within the core of the system which won’t let go of old ways or archaic values that no longer serve us. The world and society is going through internal conflict and this reflects in us also feeling some internal conflict with a lot of areas of our lives. We have been entrenched in a stale archaic power structure that is stopping us from reaching our fullest potential unless we do it according to the emerging dictatorships. There is opportunity in this human crisis, and perhaps it is part of all of our collective purpose here, to start over and realize people have the power to overcome power dictated to them, as we realign ourselves to go much deeper in what really fulfils us in our daily lives, nurture a deeper connection and relationship with nature establishing our new global family, community and be a better version of ourselves with one another.

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