A Return to Multidimensional Consciousness

From a fantastic site on Multidimensionanal Man

I found this piece of writing from 2017. It resonates more than ever today.

I’m being directed to begin to understand that ancient Earth had a holographic and multidimensional field that some races of ancient civilizations perceived with their field of sensory perception from Latin America to Mesopotamia and Egypt. And the remnants of this is seen in ancient archaeology from the Incas, Aztecs, Olmecs, Mayans and Ancient Peru is full of many carved stone portals to other dimensions, so is ancient England and France, the druids had access and so do many indigenous still, the aboriginals in Australia and Africa and Shamans of Mongolia, Tibet, India and South America.

Aramu Muru: also known as Gate of the Gods

Those who are very sensitive with creative minds and souls will see glimpses of the multidimensional Earth re-emerging, and we are beginning to shift to this again, it is the only way to spiritually explain the onslaught of ecocide affecting all species on the planet by lower level beings, the only function of evil is to help humanity evolve consciousness, yet some dark souls in power, are attempting to stop the shift of Multidimensional Earth re-emerging as they can only survive in the lower density frequencies. Although some of us surviving empaths are broken hearted to witness this, we need to understand we are always connected to these multidimensional aspects of Earth and ourselves and connected to the oneness of all beings and the universe. This is a process only achieved by refining our consciousness and doing a great deal of inner work, as we migrate to this field beyond death of the physical but we need to learn about it whilst in the physical before souls can transcend and transform to continue an infinite journey beyond this realm.


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