God has a Plan

We are establishing a previously broken bridge between spirituality and science, we are discovering that Consciousness is the Foundation of All that is in Existence. That there are no limits to what the creator is observing, or what the observer is creating into existence……….The Observer being Consciousness itself, not the Id *Identity of self, stepping outside what you identify as you or I, its the electromagnetic energy of the beat of your heart anchoring your soul and the divinity of God all in one in your physical body, through your encoded liquid crystal Holographic DNA, God’s fingerprint.

We are experiencing a convergence in time and space and human consciousness, this means that whatever is done to attempt to manipulate or socially engineer the future of humanity, the same outcome is produced. This has been the reason why ”they” the privileged social architects are panicking, because what ever they try to do to change the outcome, they cannot stop the great awakening, this is Gods plan, the divine plan.

The only purpose of Evil in this world is to evolve human consciousness, it teaches us to be better human beings, and this is its only beneficial purpose. Meanwhile, it is limited by its own illusions, addiction to power and density, it cannot hold us back any longer, even if it looks that way to some of us right now, have a little faith in the divine plan. Hold your intention, and beautiful dreams for your community, loved ones, humanity and for the Earth, our truth and love, powerful intention, can bring our vision of a better world into reality. 🙏💙🥳


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