James Horak

With thanks to a wonderful friend of mine, who yesterday informed me of the sad passing of our mutual friend James Horak, ”M” was close with James, and we still have a friendship that was a gift from James.

James was like no other human being, and those that knew James well enough, know exactly why I say that, he was definitely one of those special souls in human form having a human experience, he did great work raising consciousness and awakening many while he was here, I was fortunate to help be a tiny part of that and be a friend of his.

He was a fascinating human being and a great soul who has more important work to do else where now. Below are two of some interviews we did ten years ago on Sailing Beyond Knowledge Radio. Thank you James for all you have done for us here.

The Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Exploring the Mysteries of the Universe with James Horak

EMVs Sunships

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