Archonic Soul Agenda

Archonic & reptilian Soul Agenda: Exposing our Reptilian “Leaders” on Earth with Gary Peter Carlson

courtesy of Alfred Lambremont Webre

Gary Peter Carlson explains the spiritual agendas behind the global hierarchy structures with Alfred Lambremont Webre.

Gary Peter Carlson does Soul Readings, go to his website I check your soul

Gary explains your soul lives forever, your body is temporary, so your soul is the real you. Pledge that you want to do good for your soul, like giving love and service to others as it helps your soul and when you do bad, your soul is responsible and must pay for it later. Your mind is a partial copy of your soul with the same characteristics, but grows separately. Your soul guides your mind, but your mind is in control. As you move up through the higher realms, the mind communicates with the soul more and more.

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