Hypnotherapy for Nutritional Management and Healthier Eating

Hypnotherapy is commonly used for helping people improve their general Well Being, Health and Better Eating Habits. Some may be surprised to learn that hypnotherapy has been successfully used to treating patients in clinical nutritional management. For people needing extra support here, hypnotherapy can improve the lives of people who suffer with diabetes, people with diabetes often deal with severe anxiety around what to eat and their medications,, people who are constantly trying to lose weight can achieve successful and sustainable weight loss with hypnotherapy as it irradicates bad eating habits replacing them with healthier mindset and better eating habits. Hypnotherapy can also sooth and help heal disruptive and painful GI gut issues, showing the mind really has a large part to play in our health and improving the body mind connection with hypnotherapy brings about surprising results that can be sustained, especially when the client is taught how to manage these issues on their own with self hypnosis treatments as well as sessions with Carlita.

Hypnotherapy and nutritional -reset your mindset programs- are tailored to your needs, all of these programs are available from individual hourly sessions, 4 weeks/1 month, to 12 weeks/3 months and 24 weeks/ 6 months programs

Gut Directed Hypnotherapy

Gastrointestinal disorders are complex and everyone has a different set of causes, some combined with anxiety and stress and identifying those sources and dealing with them helps heal the root causes driving these problems. We can work both on improving diet.

Carlita will help you transform to a Gluten Free Lifestyle to help heal these problems, meanwhile, we need to build a foundation of a strong mindset to facilitate and commit to change, therefore hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to heal physical and negative thought patterns that are contributing to the condition. Hypnotherapy for Gut disorders has scientifically been proven to be 80 to 95 percent effective part of treating GI problems. It can also help improve and ease problems with visceral hypersensitivity, sensitive nerve endings. Hypnotherapy can help patients with GI / IBS conditions to heal pain and improve motility problems, it improves the mind body connection, this combined with an anti-inflammatory diet helps provide more inner peace and health.

Hypnotherapy Healing Anxiety and building a Strong Positive Mindset for Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2

Diabetes, although a physiological disorder suffers the impact of negative psychological stresses through the dysfunctional activation of the autonomic nervous and endocrine systems. In fact, a variety of psychological variables have been found to be important in the metabolic control and management of diabetic patients, particularly regarding adherence to self-care behaviours and medication. Hypnotherapy can help individuals rebuild their health with new healthier lifestyle changes. This the cornerstone of diabetes treatment, as well as weight loss and, therefore, any intervention that is able to achieve the control of glycaemia, prevent micro and macro complications of diabetes, improve patient’s quality of life and decrease diabetes risk factors is certainly welcome.

Although acceptance of hypnosis and hypnotherapy by conventional medicine was officially acknowledged in 1958, by the American Medical Association and the Canadian Medical Association as a valid medical therapy, acceptance by health professionals has been slower. However, a substantial body of research has demonstrated the efficacy of hypnosis as part of the integrative treatment of many medical conditions that traditional medicine has found difficult to treat.

In fact, hypnosis has shown not only to reduce anxiety in medical conditions but also positively change physiological parameters, and has been effective in the management of diabetes, including regulation of blood sugar, increased compliance, weight loss in adults as well as adolescents. Scientific Research has shown that in an RCT study, in type 1 diabetes patients, the hypnosis group decreased the standardized blood glucose levels, while the control group increased 3, read more here on hypnotherapy for diabetes.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

People who struggle with weight are unsure of what are the right things to eat, Carlita will help guide you on healthy foods, and foods to avoid, she will help coach you with nutritional health in addition to focusing on your mindset, as one of the most neglected areas of weight loss is addressing anxiety, replacing old negative patters of self soothing with healthy positive ways to sooth and lift oneself out of a bad feeling using hypnotherapy treatments tailored to each individual, we incorporate continuous reframing and new positive anchors to create dramatic change to rebuilding your health and the body you want and feel good with. This program will incorporate some elements from the other two programs as many people who struggle with weight loss may also be borderline diabetic and or suffer from IBS or Gut Issues, this is a great program for people who need to get used to Gluten Free Living, Carlita has lived a Gluten Free Lifestyle for 30 years.

Feel Free to contact Carlita for a free consultation on what Nutritional hypnotherapy program is for you.


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