Healing the Past

Many people have had bad past experiences, and they don’t know how to heal their past traumas. Talk therapy can take years to get to that level, whereas hypnotherapy has a way of providing a shortcut by bypassing the conscious mind and all its chatter and excuses and diversions, and getting to the root cause of the problem, buried deep in the subconscious mind and all one has to do is relax and breath, while this process takes place. These days, we all seem to be dealing with trauma on so many levels. Not a year goes by without the world experiencing some global trauma, and with the last few years being the most difficult for everyone all over the world who has experienced loss and trauma financially, physically, emotionally and so on, including the loss of loved ones through suicide, illness and more. This free hypnotherapy session allows the listener to relax in their own home and to practice going deeper every time they listen to this session, it helps work on the subconscious mind to heal and let go of traumas, and look forward to building a new hopeful chapter of life after crisis. The more times you practice relaxing and listening, the deeper the relaxation and deeper the hypnotherapy healing benefits.

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