A Fresh Perspective on Depression


Surviving Depression- Corporate Devolution versus Ecology and Biophilia

Despite more people being aware of the environmental problems we have far less environmental conservation jobs and ecological science is the lowest-paid scientific job today, than it was forty years ago. There is no such thing as real conservation laws while corporations own politicians who rewrite environmental laws to suit the corporate agenda

The deterioration of environmental laws is an essential example of political and democratic devolution. It’s hypnotic hypocrisy that many are captive in continually campaigning to change, however its the system that requires an update.The word ‘de-moc-racy’ makes a mockery in today’s version of what democracy looks like in the West.

Other products of corporate devolution are the repression of natural cures for cancer and other illnesses and diseases. The pharmaceutical industry sees natural cures as a threat to their profit-making agendas, rather than allowing these alternative choices to co-exist with their monopolized synthetic pills in a multi-billion dollar industry.

A Fresh Perspective on Depression.

Anyone that is not profoundly saddened by current global events are either in denial or very disconnected from the Earth and their true nature. Depression is an intelligent and empathic responsive sign of a healthily functioning human being to the current crisis. To be feeling depressed in such times shows that those of us affected by what is happening in the world around us, have awareness and are compassionate and caring. The problem is that the undiagnosed mental illness of psychopathy and denial (of people in government and of people that hold positions of power, who are exploiting their status for the benefit and profits of a small group of elites).

Their mental illness is a psychopathy dominated by an obsession with making money and controlling humanity as a priority sacrificing nature and human life. The suffering of others, environmental degradation and species extinction is the ultimate price we are all paying.
In these times, the requirements to be in a position of power, the main qualification is a lack of sentience, or empathy and a complete disregard for the rights of nature, let alone human rights. When this is the case, how are we supposed to transcend the powers that govern us, if this system is being run by the mentally unfit and which is destructive to our environment and therefore the future of humanity?

A society or system that is rigid, steeped in secrecy and closed to developing its core systems, has become stuck in a corrupt, archaic system of stagnancy that sees anyone that requests or tries to improve, evolve or update this system as a threat to itself.

It is at this point that such a governing system becomes something else, it is no more than a predatory virus, in the way that Paul Levy describes the Wetiko virus in his book, a virus that has infected humanity, the Wetiko is a name that came from Native Americans when describing White Man’s mental illness. It has become a threat to the planet and hence the survival and evolution of humankind.
Many of us are going through different stages of realizing this, considering that the rise in depression indicates psychological symptoms of the collective unconscious, (the noosphere), a reaction to the world in its current state of an ecocidal apocalypse.

We may think that these feelings of frustration, anger, grief and depression are a reflection of personal problems and of course, yes we all do have our emotional baggage and insecurities to work through. Still, the bigger picture is that these symptoms are indications that something is deeply wrong with the core of modern human society. The global rise in depression is a reflection of this.

Carlita Shaw
(Written and published before March 2020 in Surviving Depression in a Depressing World, an Ecological Perspective, yet more resonant with today’s crisis.



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