The Ecology of Consciousness Part 1


There are a few speakers on human consciousness and psychology who take into account everything which we experience, even the negative emotions are valuable in indicating our growth and self-nurturing, with the exception of the work of Matt Licata and Jeff Foster. An interesting explanation of depression: Jeff Foster says it is a sign of needing ‘Deep Rest’, rest from the way you have been living your life, including from thinking we constantly need to achieve, to be perfect, be positive, be this or be that. What about giving ourselves a break from needing to be anything other than being ourselves, a human being and allowing the space and freedom for emotions to flow without any narrative is a good way to take time out.

Whatever we evolved from, we are all unique expressions of the same form of consciousness that flows through each of us, we are all perfect as we are, whatever emotional state we experience. The idea that we need to reach a goal to attain a state of constant joy or peace in order to be in harmony with source, is quite dismissive of the infinite nature of creation that we reflect, it is also merciless on our humanity. We were not made to walk around to be blissful forever, human experiences are infinite, infinity is having the ability and freedom to experience the richness of it all, perhaps it is also referred to as ‘Free Will’ by some…then what we do with our experiences, creates our wisdom, though some of that comes from our soul’s knowingness.

We can practice drawing on this inner awareness daily, moment to moment, to let every emotion pass through us, without holding on to each one, just observing them blowing through our internal world and to see the value of all these emotions and feelings, a rich inner tapestry that is often ignored through external distraction. It is important to see the value of the entire palette of feelings and emotions, not just that which is enjoyable, good or comfortable, the pain, sadness, loss or grief is just as important in shaping us and directing us to learning about our truer selves and what we do or do not need in our lives, they can indicate how to live life on our own terms in a way that acknowledges our humanness and humanity, rather than on the terms of society which demands unobtainable perfection and automatons.

We need reference points, landmarks or the polarities of good and bad to navigate our way through life’s experiences, just like we need the illusion of space between objects, to be able to judge where to move our bodies in order to get from A to B. If we didn’t have these reference points, we wouldn’t know what heaven or hell was, but to understand the unity or the grey shades between the polarities, we have to appreciate that we were born with the right to experience it all, therefore, there is no need to become anything other than what we already are, this is what is meant by ‘we are already perfect as we are’. We are constantly in the habit of defining ourselves in order to be accepted by society. Perhaps ‘unbecoming’ or undefining, is part of a daily awareness we could practice, to cure our addiction or need to compartmentalize everything with labels and boxes; or having to reach goal posts and measuring ourselves in terms of what we need to achieve to gain respect from our peers, or to just feel good about ourselves. ‘Undefining or unbecoming’ is a practice that helps one learn to accept oneself as one is. Letting go of needing to become anything in the process, is the quickest way to step into just ‘being’, without needing to become anything, such as ‘enlightened’ or ‘perfect’.

“Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness, and so, to whatever degree any one of us can bring back a small piece of the picture and contribute it to the building of the new paradigm, then we participate in the redemption of the human spirit, and that after all is what it’s really all about.” – Terence McKenna

In addition to my ecology background, I trained as a hypnotherapist, which I was drawn to with an interest in the unconscious mind and emotions. Hypnotherapy has been a tool that I appreciate and respect to access the human subconscious mind and it has also been a gateway to understanding that time is not linear, as humans like to think it is, it could be that parallel realities exist which we can tap into at any point if we desire to. As Quantum physics is beginning to realise that even the smallest particle is affected by our observation of it, this has been scientifically proven, a particle changes its behaviour when we are observing it, the same with trees and plants that have been discovered to communicate on a multi-sensory level, when we become aware of them communicating, they respond to that awareness, again, this is because our consciousness is able to change and morph this reality, because we are part of the multidimensional infinity of divine consciousness.

This is not something any external forces could attempt to control, however hard they try…. how can one control consciousness? It simply is not possible. That intelligent driving force of consciousness wants to be realised in each of us or in each of our souls, this will inevitably happen as we naturally evolve from one level of understanding to another. From the microcosm, we realise that all biological cells work more successfully as a community, performing and functioning more efficiently, the cells that malfunction, work for themselves and not the community of cells become cancer forming cells, the cell biologist Bruce Lipton takes this to a much more profound level in his work, which shows us how we can learn from cell biology to advance human consciousness.

More and more scientists are taking courageous steps to unite science and spirituality, risking ridicule, and at times financial sacrifice, because they are seeing how urgent it is for us to enhance our level of consciousness, for ourselves and for the planet.

The evolution of biology, shows us how we naturally progress to the macrocosm from the microcosm, after the realisation that any single cell that becomes self-serving and not functioning for the greater good of the whole, will stop evolving and soon wither and die, as there is nothing else it is in harmony with. This is why we see so much cancer, it is not only a product of pollution and toxicity in our food supply but it is a product of the self-serving values and a lack of understanding how connected to our environment we are. These unhealthy values which exist in human beliefs, are increasing human disease such as cancer and other illnesses. These are biological manifestations of the malfunctioning deformations, which we have created as a product of our thinking that we are separate from our environment, the universe and beyond, (the macrocosm).

We could say that sustainable biological cells are those that are constantly working as communities, evolving to become higher more advanced life forms and that these life forms have achieved harmony through co-creation which has helped species evolve through 3.5 billion years on the planet. We can see this from the beginning of life on Earth with the early single cells evolving to our current biodiversity of elaborations of cell communities, forming complex and more advanced creatures from insects to large mammals and plants such as trees and Earth itself as a Gaia formation of trillions of co-creating living systems of elaborate biological communities. All in harmony with one another, everything that exists, apart from us, realises naturally, that it is part of an infinite god consciousness, just by the expression of being and living and even dying. While today, despite our human intelligence, we see some humans are more like self-serving cells that malfunction and become dysfunctional, destructive and cancerous when we see ourselves as superior to or separate from nature, biophobic, whereas those of us that feel connected to nature and biophilic, are the more harmonious, self-sustaining ones and possibly we have a chance of evolving to higher states of consciousness.

We humans are a bit slow, despite what we think is our superior intelligence to other creatures, because we have allowed ourselves to become conditioned by certain misconceptions such as the idea that we are separate from Nature, consciousness, or the ‘God’ label. The ultimate change from this paradigm to a more harmonious one, may, or may not happen in our lifetime, but it is an inevitability which is unstoppable; and despite the severe environmental destruction that is driven by human financial greed, the survival of the ‘fittest’ humans now depends on our level of consciousness changing and if we have the ability to make the leap to develop the necessary parts of our spiritual awareness, that reconnects us with nature and the Earth. This is the ecology of consciousness and evolution on a spiritual level. It is part of our mission to evolve to higher states of consciousness, which is the macrocosmic seed. Consciousness (God) is Love and wants us to realise that we are part of this infinite co-creation.

Perhaps we needed to create a ‘them’ and ‘us’ illusion to facilitate this realisation. Hopefully no longer at the price of the planet and our fellow creatures misery and suffering, or extinction. I have, until now, thought that will be the outcome, as we are living in an anthropogenically driven environmental crisis. However, I now have a renewed hope and faith as I have had my own personal inner understanding of what I attempt to explain in words here, words detract from the experience of infinite Love, that is a potential seed laying in all of us waiting for each of us to awaken to our ability and power to co-create with the creator, a new and more harmonious way of being aligned with Gaia, the Earth and the Cosmos.

Human well-being & Earth well-being are inseparable and have become increasingly important to many of us. It is our right to be able to protect both these aspects of ecological well-being, which is rapidly being ignored by the predatory aspect of Capitalism and human greed. We are our environment, therefore healing ourselves and creating inner-peace, creates outer peace for the planet, this concept has arisen out of our realisation, which we need to re-create cohesion between ‘Human well-being & Earth well-being’. Basically, this states that human ecology is intrinsically connected to the Earth’s Ecology. This is the ecology of reclaiming our connection, not only with Earth but with the cosmos and universal consciousness.

Jose Arguilles said ” it is not Earth that needs saving, it’s humanity that needs to save itself from itself.”

There are growing numbers of people all over the planet who are now seeking inner equilibrium due to a growing awakening to the fact that we are all connected, and not separate from our environment. Ecological devastation and human devastation are two sides of the same global disease, which can only be correctly understood and overcome by understanding we are part of the whole ecology of living, that has not been functioning harmoniously. If we are to survive with the planet, we must now seek inner equilibrium.

Carlita Shaw

Author of
The Silent Ecocide,
a crisis of human consciousness.

Artwork is called ”Souls”, authors own work.

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