Dowsing Earth Energies at Sacred Springs in France

Two years ago I went dowsing Ley Lines,  at Sacred Springs and the Black Virgin in Caunes-Minervois : Le site de Notre Dame du Cros


Caunes is famed for its pink marble, which is a deep pink with thick veins of quartz, the marble has been mined at a quarry close to the Valley at Notre Dame du Cros and it has been used for centuries to build churches since the 8th century. Near a quarry here is a river valley known for its cliff climbing, yet very little is known about the stream and the purest spring water that flows at a source located within the high cliff valley walls. Archaeologists’ have found evidence dated first dwellings at the site to be around Iron age times and then later at 600 bc.

The Black Virgin is represented by the painting on the Chapel.

There are lots of ancient legends of the spring water that runs through the valley canyon, curing people of terminal illnesses and saving lives as well as religious visions of Mary being seen.


There is a recent chapel called The Cross of Notre Dame built there dating back to the early 1900s but the earliest was originally 900 BC. There is also an ancient cave below one of the smaller chapels, with a large granite slab over the entrance resembling a dolemen, there is a deep well, several fountains and an ancient black Virgin Mary “Vierge Noires”, some believe the Black Virgin is symbolic of the pre historic ancient Mother Earth. She is also connected with Diana, Isis, Lilith, Artemis, Venus, Aphrodite and Kali. The energy here is very interesting, so we took my dowsing rods to see what results we would get from walking around the area and at several of the ancient structures.


It was only after visiting the site that I learned the Black Madonna is usually placed at sites where the Earth’s energy and ley lines are the strongest, which makes sense as when we walked around the area, I was doing research to dowse for ley lines and got very strong reactions from the dowsing rods at different areas around the site where ley lines cross and create powerful energy vortices that made the rods spin.

Map from The World Atlas of Mysteries: Frances Hitching, Pan Books, London

Ley lines are unseen energy lines in the Earth, electrical and telluric fields similar to the meridians and energy lines in the human body. Where ley lines converge tends to be where ancient standing stones, megalithic structures and often where cathedrals and churches are built, in addition to fountains and their relationship to springs and pure water sources and wells. Dowsing rods are made from steel, brass or copper and act as extra antennae for a person looking to map ley lines and water sources, but one can also dowse for gold, precious metals and virtually anything that the dowser asks to find, they can also be used to scan a person’s energy field and assess health. It works on the principle of us all being energy receivers and emitters. My dowsing rods were made for me out of steel by a good friend and they work well.


Some of these major ley lines fan out from Alaise, near the French Jura mountain range which is part of a larger tectonic fold of mountains that stretch across Europe to Far Eastern Asia and China and which is often referred to as the Sleeping Naga Serpent Dragon.


The Spring Water and pink marble in the valley near the quarry.


Inside the chapel, the rods spun very strongly over the marble altar and I felt very sick


There are a few obvious symbols here, the Swan in Rosicrucian circles represents the Cygnus star constellation which is connected with the Northern Cross and a new bright star will appear in the Cygnus constellation in 2022, which is also supposed to signify a major event of Biblical proportions around this time. It is also connected with The Temple of Solomon and The Ark of the Covenant.


Suggested Reading for anyone interested in ley lines and dowsing 14063948_319131198420957_5309283385795022260_n.jpg

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