Dowsing an Incan Pyramid-Huaca in Lima, Peru

Lima is a multidimensional city, Peru itself is very special in this way with lots of ancient portals to other worlds that the ancestors once used to traverse the cosmos.

There are over 57 Huacas pyramids in Lima, most people have no idea about this, its an open secret, many of them are being left to go into ruin, the red dots, and some of them are surrounded by slums, its a bizarre sight when you see the ones that are left unforgotten, they even have their own families of stray cat gate keepers.

Many government, financial buildings and churches are aligned with these Huacas and the president’s residence is right opposite one of the major pyramids.

Dowsing a special Huaca in Lima, Peru, is generating an aetheric force field into waves, the shapes that the clay bricks make, create battery type effects on the aetheric Earth energies, amplifying them, how they are laid are directing energy to oscillate at frequencies to other pyramids across the city and Peru. The dowsing rods show the wave forms and EMF frequencies by opening and closing as they are detecting the natural wave energies of the aether emitted from the pyramid.

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