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thinking is difficult

I am writing about a couple of observations this week in communication and observing other peoples dialogue with people (not with me directly) on popular social networks, It saddens me to see people who get stroppy, aggressive and defensive, when others do not agree with every single thing that they believe to be true.

Of course, there is a consensus agreement to a majority of things that make us friends in the first place, such as common ground, common agendas and interests, being kind to animals, caring for the planet, or  seeking what is not true and what is true, as a new consensus of new knowledge because we know that the current archaic conventional consensus of reality is corrupted on many levels. Through this we nurture a general respect for our friends and acquaintances and extend this to strangers. We can appreciate  different perspectives on the consensual reality, everyone has  their own version of it and even the way we communicate it. We all have our own perception of what is real and what is truth, no single perception is the same. I love that people have differences and their own view of the world compared to me, we can learn so much from one another.

You may believe that Global Warming will fry and melt us and that Climate Change is a new thing, whereas some scientists  have studied and observed the 450, 000 year data from the Vostok Ice cores and seen how the climate changes through 450, 000 years where it has been hotter than today’s temperatures pre industrial period, yet people will fight vehemently over these details and today it is blasphemous to have an opposing opinion, people are still afraid of losing their Ph.D funding or being told they are extremists. Perhaps we can all agree, that we need to  have the environment and its care at our best interests? After all, the root of the matter is we must stop destroying the last great wildernesses, Amazon rainforests and oceans, for oil and switch to an alternative fuel. Yet, people still argue, scientists, politicians, campaigners and environmentalists will all completely forget the main objective  we are working towards is to reduce the consumption of oil, which is currently being extracted from the Earth at record breaking levels, about 35 Billion barrels of oil  are extracted per year globally. Why isn’t that the main focus, dealing with the root of the problem? This demonstrates how media causes a mass hypnotic haze, and most people do not think or question at deeper levels or use a different approach or solution. We could all focus on alternative fuels and pressure governments to provide the infrastructure for alternative green vehicles, but the debate is fuelled as its suits various political agendas, divide and rule.  Same as the scientific proof and inventors or  can disagree  of alternative over unity devices, people are making their own all over the world to rely on themselves for alternative energy, yet mainstream physics ignores the phenomena as it doesn’t want to have to accept Aether science and admit the laws are only theories after all. Science was supposed to be an objective topic., using objective methods of experimentation and data extraction. However, politicians and some scientists  in modern society, manipulate scientific data to support their own agendas for profit and exploit people’s ignorance.  Knowledge is suppressed for this very reason. We don’t have to agree on what spiritual or religious practices for either of us to get along, you can believe the Earth is flat, that’s fine with me but don’t accuse or insult others for not agreeing with you, or for not being open minded enough, because we all start out with a basic form of consensual knowledge, which is shaped and changed and carved as individuals walk their own path of truth. We live in among various level of consciousness when it comes to cutting edge topics.

Social media has a tendency to bring out negative attitudes among fully grown adults of they don’t agree on topics in the media that are up for debate,  many have shown rather immature behaviour to others and everyone seems more  defensive and sensitive these days, when others voice a difference of opinion regarding one matter or another. Why do some people want a mirror image of themselves? Why does every comment or opinion have to be agreed with? I am not interested in mirror images of myself, it is just pure narcissism, what is there to learn if that is all your friendships are the same? We all need to shift and grow. Look at what we still don’t know about the world, the universe, Professor Immanuel Velikovsky wrote in his controversial book, Worlds in Collision-

”Man, a being of erect stature, thinks himself the prince of creation. He felt like this long before he, by his own efforts, came to know how to fly on wings of metal around the globe. He felt godlike long before he could talk to his fellow-man on the other side of the globe. Today he can see the microcosm in a drop and the elements in the stars. He knows the laws governing the living cell with its chromosomes, and the laws governing the macrocosm of the sun, moon, planets, and stars. He assumes that gravitation keeps the planetary system together, man and beast on their planet, the sea within its borders. For millions and millions of years, he maintains, the planets have rolled along on the same paths, and their moons around them, and man in these eons has arisen from a one-cell infusorium all the long way up the ladder to his status of Homo sapiens. Is man’s knowledge now nearly complete?

Are only a few more steps necessary to conquer the universe: to extract the energy of the atom—since these pages were written this has already been done —to cure cancer, to control genetics, to communicate with other planets and learn if they have living creatures, too? Here begins Homo ignoramus. He does not know what life is or how it came to be and whether it originated from inorganic matter. He does not know whether other planets of this sun or of other suns have life on them, and if they have, whether the forms of life there are like those around us, ourselves included. He does not know how this solar system came into being, although he has built up a few hypotheses about it. He knows only that the solar system was constructed billions of years ago. He does not know what this mysterious force of gravitation is that holds him and his fellow man on the other side of the planet with their feet on the ground, although he regards the phenomenon itself as “the law of laws.”

He does not know what the earth looks like five miles under his feet. He does not know how mountains came into existence or what caused the emergence of the continents, although he builds hypotheses about these, nor does he know from where oil came— again hypotheses.

He does not know why, only a short time ago, a thick glacial sheet pressed upon most of Europe and North America, as he believes it did; nor how palms could grow above the polar circle, nor how it came about that the same fauna fill the inner lakes of the Old and the New World. He does not know where the salt in the sea came from. Although man knows that he has lived on this planet for millions of years, he finds a recorded history of only a few thousand years. And even these few thousand years are not sufficiently well known.

Why did the Bronze Age precede the Iron Age even though iron is more widely distributed over the world and its manufacture is simpler than that of the alloy of copper and tin? By what mechanical means were structures of immense blocks built on the high mountains of the Andes?

What caused the legend of the Flood to originate in all the countries of the world? Is there any adequate meaning to the term “antediluvian”? From what experiences grew the eschatological pictures of the end of the world?”

Allow other some time and space to have information assimilation, allow people their humanity. Let your friends make mistakes, learn and grow, a true friend allows those things in others.

Being judgemental is more along the lines of being self-righteous and simply serves to fragment social movements and  community of social change that would be more more aware and powerful, if we practised more humility, unity and tolerance and less of the things that the mainstream imperialistic society is dictating to us at the moment….

In the words of David Bohmn who was adept at the art of debate with other great thinkers like Krishnamurti –  “…awakening…the process of dialogue itself as a free flow of meaning among all the participants. In the beginning, people were expressing fixed positions, which they were tending to defend, but later it became clear that to maintain the feeling of friendship in the group was much more important than to hold any position.

Such friendship has an impersonal quality in the sense that its establishment does not depend on a close personal relationship between participants. A new kind of mind thus beings to come into being which is based on the development of a common meaning that is constantly transforming in the process of the dialogue.

People are no longer primarily in opposition, nor can they be said to be interacting, rather they are participating in this pool of common meaning which is capable of constant development and change. In this development the group has no pre-established purpose, though at each moment a purpose that is free to change may reveal itself. The group thus begins to engage in a new dynamic relationship in which no speaker is excluded, and in which no particular content is excluded.
Thus far we have only begun to explore the possibilities of dialogue in the sense indicated here, but going further along these lines would open up the possibility of transforming not only the relationship between people, but even more, the very nature of consciousness in which these relationships arise.”
David Bohm, Unfolding Meaning,

Don’t allow fragmentation by becoming the thought crime police of the alternative movement on what other people should be doing with their time, or how they should be awakening, focus on your own inner work and self-empowerment. If we can work on qualities that enhance and strengthen community, it will contribute to a collective overall goal towards social transformation, freedom and sustainability for preserving the Earth then we can take a shot at going beyond self righteousness and ego. Each of us is a flower in the garden of life.





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