Co-Creation verses Toxic New Age ‘Positive’ Thinking

Art work by Colette Kim Shaw.
Art work by Colette Shaw.

A great misconception ”Think positive thoughts and only positivity and love always, positivity and love will then be seen in your world and will happen to you” .  To a small degree, feeling and thinking positively can help how we experience life when navigating through a challenging situation and what we receive back from that experience, but if we could change negative forces or evil people around us by merely sending them love, they would have all disappeared by now and we would be omnipotent beings that would have also gotten rid of the oligarchy, paedophiles and evil in general and we would say goodbye to the suffering and injustices in the world! New Agers don’t fully understand how it really works, so what they end up doing becomes toxic to themselves and others. They miss out a lot of the details behind how it really works.

We do not fully create our reality, none of us consensually agreed to being born on a prison planet as slaves to a psychopathic elite that behave like parasitic entities that have a lower level on of consciousness, any energy we send them, they feed off, good and bad, they are like benthic dwellers of the ocean, they will feed off anything we give them, the fact that we acknowledge them and respond to them via fear or frustration or anger even feeds them, people are entirely delusional in thinking they can transform evil with fluffy pink loving thoughts, it is also rather arrogant to think that.

Another toxic New Age belief is that people who become victims of torture and rape, including children, brought it upon themselves solely because they were thinking negative thoughts or not thinking positively all the time or because they are working out some karma, so that would mean that the Native American, Jewish and other genocides happened because these souls agreed to partake in it or that they are to blame for thinking negatively, in that context you can see how insane, immature and flawed the New Age concept is in attempting to justify these great injustices.

To what degree are we all One? All human beings  represent different levels of consciousness, emitting different frequencies, we do not all share the same imprint of consciousness, we are manifesting very different levels of it, therefore we are not all one in that sense. We simply share the fact that consciousness flows through each of us. But not at the same frequency, every person expresses a unique fingerprint of a level of frequency. Then in this sense, we are all part of the field of consciousness, but certainly not all one at our frequencies which are totally unique, though some of us may resonate into groups of frequencies, where we feel we have a common tribe.

However, when it comes to each of us in relation to our environment or nature and fellow creatures, we are inseparable and not seeing ourselves as one with nature is destructive to nature and to important ecosystem and to fellow species that we co-habit this Planet with. The illusion of separation with nature is destructive.

Reality is multi-dimensional, not just polarized but holographic too and part of our evolution of understanding is to move from the polarized reality that we currently live in to the holographic universe which is of a higher level of awareness and which requires a deeper understanding from each of us, in how we truly are responsible for co-creating, we are not creators of our reality but we are CO-CREATORS, working with consciousness itself.

Some of us are gathering now to reshape and investigate what our consensus of truth really  is, as we have awoken to see beyond the veils and corruption of the old consensus. We are choosing to opt out of having our sensus (perception, sense) conned…by the cult-ural consensus of the global governed mind or the global con-sensus of conventional reality, pertaining to convention or agreement…..the truth is much more awareness expanding.

All human beings  demonstrate the polarized world of good and evil and are analogous to the diversity of creatures in the oceans or forests, there is a great diversity of  consciousness expressed through human beings, good and bad, intelligent and stupid, awake or asleep, the infinite frequencies or expressions of consciousness.

It helps to understand this  and see the lower or bad frequencies or expressions to be like the benthic ugly sea creatures dwelling on the bottom of the ocean in the darkness and cold environment that they have chosen to evolve to. They are an expression of the biodiversity of consciousness, or as part of the infinite will of god consciousness, there is little we can do about their existence, sending love won’t change their internal make-up or stop them affecting us or the rest of the world in the way they do. They are part of the bigger picture, they exist and show us there is ‘free will’ in existing states of consciousness. Sending evil positive thoughts does nothing but feed it with your precious energy, that is true and it would be arrogant to assume we can change evil with such a practice of sending love and light. We can send loving thoughts to people that are not purely evil or purely cold or without sentience. We can send loving thoughts and feelings to friends and family or people we do not know that well and contribute in some vibrational way to their healing. However, this practice doesn’t help an animal abuser or child abuser or a psychopath or sociopath, these are stuck levels of consciousness that are incapacitated due to mental illness and delusions or even what some call a pschopathic virus.

However, we are able to affect our own immediate reality and our own lives with how we change how we think and feel, this does affect our own immediate lives,  but it does not directly change the way anyone else is, it may change the way we perceive them to be.  All free will of all beings wouldn’t be a universal law if we each had some influence or control over someone else’s will.

We are only CO-CREATORS of our reality, and this works in a more of a quantum way, a way we have to really understand, in order to see how it works, to apply it to transform our immediate reality, though it can’t be used to stop injustices or traumatic experiences happening to us always.

To a certain degree, being aware that we can co-create, allows us to transform what we desire or want to create in our lives but it can’t change a negative being, that is for sure . As I said earlier, we are now choosing to opt out of having our perception of reality, our sensus conned by conventional media,  culture and society, awakening is a process of investigating and reshaping or rebuilding knowledge and reclaiming suppressed knowledge and real truths that we are collectively agreeing as a new reality, a process needed to shift away from the old consensus. As collectively it is our way to construct a new paradigm with building bridges to it out of new constructs of new truths and lost knowledge, each one serves as a building block to a new consensus reality, in that process we are learning and discovering collectively what real freedom and sovereignty means.

So when we are being co-creators and seeking truth and new knowledge inside as well as outside, we actually take responsibility of ourselves. Not forgetting to balance this with compassion and kindness through self acceptance to acknowledging our darkest and most human sides that reflect our insecurities, fears, guilt and shame and sadness which are a result of the deformations of the old consensus of reality, a global illusion. Breaking away and allowing our vulnerability and sadness, and sorrow, grief and loss or disgust and anger are feelings that allow us our humanity and indicate what has been wrong for so long and what is injustice and what is a violation of our freedom or a violation of respect to life.

We can each practice on a personal level to extend that awareness of vulnerability and our fallibility which we share with dear friends and family, to allow ourselves and those we love the room to  make mistakes, to be flawed, to forgive them and allow them the space for their humanity,  to have room to  grow and evolve as we would like that space to be forgiven when we can still learn from making mistakes or not meaning to hurt others. Whereas, denying these fallible aspects of our humanity is a guaranteed way to avoid healing and avoid evolving our consciousness or deepening our emotional understanding of what it means to be human in this world and in the grander scheme of things.

We have to do the internal work and shift any insecurities, fear, and baggage or any unconscious resistance that may stop us from allowing flow in our lives. Life responds to our thoughts and emotions, it is a giant external mirror, mirroring our internal processes. So if we are not getting the message and keep repeating a mistake, we may see that pattern manifesting externally and therefore, we see repeats happening until we actually get what life is trying to teach us, then we can resolve the issue by healing the cause.

New Agers deny their humanity. and fallibility of themselves and others by avoiding the shadow side. this is essential to understanding before we can see what we want to manifest in our lives or for the future of the planet, we have to deal with the internal painful stuff before we can truly have a clear signal of co creation with our reality because consciousness or life itself unfolds as a screen of our perception and if something is blocking that perception such as internal denial, it will create an unseen obstacle to achieving what you want to see unfold in your life until you get the lesson and see it and work on transforming that fallibility to something you feel is truer to your lifes purpose.

New Age people don’t do this, they don’t do any real inner work, they get caught up in the ego trap or self righteousness of positive thinking, some may be popular speakers involved in self development or something in the alternative realm and they have become addicted to the attention and prestige from followers that they have carved out for themselves, so they get caught up in just keeping a public face of positivity that feeds their egos and makes them money rather than their truer nature or allowing others to accept their truer nature of fallibility. These have become toxic practices that deny our humanity and fallibility, as there is no such thing as perfection or continual positive thinking, or continual blissful states that can be maintained forever, its not possible and therefore denies our humanity and our ability to feel everything else that is possible to feel because we as human beings wired to feel an array of emotions that point as signals to our truer nature.

Every emotional state and thought or thing is part of the path, we have the free will and existence here and now to experience it all,  because we can and that is the infinitum of free will and the beauty of embracing our humanity. The testimonial  of this is the very existence of those ‘evil’ beings at their current vibrational level, it is also testimonial to the existence of  the purest and most enlightened, kind and selfless of beings that walk among us, that are either noted for their enlightenment or more usually are the unsung forgotten heroes and heroines of past and modern times.

We have to understand that the worst of us and the best of us are part of the rich diversity of infinite beings at this time and of past, this reflects infinite consciousness, or God consciousness as some might say. We are Co-Creators, but we are not omnipotent beings that can transform evil beings or make them disappear with loving thoughts. Though we can free ourselves from the domination of their control and it seems that this is our desire and ultimate goal as we awaken to this, in order to restore harmony to all beings and to stop Earth being destroyed through the greed of corporate imperialism and the destructive illusion that we are separate from our environment.

Neville Goddard was one of the first ever people to truly understand how we are co creating our reality and how it really works,. He explained that the foundation of all expression is consciousness. We notice to an extent, if we feel negative, we can draw in negativity and the same if we feel good, we can draw in positivity, this is the part of co-creation that is evident and can be applied to our lives, but we cannot use it to change the free will or consciousness of other beings. What New Age people miss is the inner work that involves getting their hands dirty to truly be accepting of oneself is accepting those aspects that New Agers like to deny as healthy expressions of emotion, such as expressing anger, depression, sadness, vulnerability, shame, guilt, frustration and insecurity which are all indicators that point to a deeper more sacred journey and are healthy expressions towards healing on that journey.  Those emotions are valuable sign posts that we must be truer to our deepest part of  not only what we see as human nature but what  we each can learn of what we  hold in our souls.

These negative feelings indicate a need to move through us, their function is to direct us with their signals to what a truer personal path is and by teaching us what it is to be fundamentally human and beautifully flawed and perhaps indicating we need to unbecome rather than become anything, at the same time as holding purity at a soul level. The most challenging and loving thing we can do is to allow our humanity, NOT to deny these aspects of ourselves.

New Agers practice inner denial, and denial of external realities, in a time where practical action is required to change a war on consciousness and destruction of the planet and its species. A ‘positive’ thinking regime is not going to change these external problems or make them go away. This kind of denial is  unhealthy to oneself and very passive aggressive to others, I have met some real pieces of work that claim to be ‘teachers’ and ‘gurus’ or ‘enlightened’, that are still trapped in this mode of thinking, the inner violence they reign on themselves and others is just what the elite want to see happen.

Neville Goddard was one of the first speakers on consciousness in the 1940s and 50s to see the value of touring lectures on how we are co-creators and we can use our imaginations to achieve that which we desire to unfold in our lives. However, most people will have never heard of him and people that have ironically gained a lot of success out of telling others how to manifest their material wealth and using positive thinking in those terms, could very well have taken some of Neville’s concepts and only used skewed aspects of Neville Goddard’s books and insights to make profit and never mentioned the true pioneer behind these concepts, let alone the essential aspects of becoming a co-creator. That is doing the inner work and not avoiding one’s own insecurities, negativity or fallibilities. Most other people that talk about manifesting reality avoid this important part of the process before arriving at being able to co-create what we want to see in our lives or the world around us.

Neville Goddard said that- ”Try as man will, he cannot find a cause of manifestation other than his consciousness of being. Man thinks he has found, the cause of disease in germs, the cause of war in conflicting political ideologies and greed. AIl such discoveries of man, catalogued as the essence of Wisdom, are foolishness in the eyes of God.There is only one power and this power is God consciousness, It kills;it makes alive; it wounds; it heals; it does all things, good, bad or indifferent. This is the aspect that comes into play where we are co-creators with quantum reality- Man moves in a world that is nothing more or less than his consciousness objectified. Not knowing this, he wars against his reflections while he keeps alive the light and the images which project the reflections. “I AM the light of the world.” I AM (consciousness)is the light. That which I am conscious of being (my conception of myself) -such as “I am rich,” “I am healthy,”I am free”-are the images. The world is the mirror magnifying all that I AM conscious of being. 

Stop trying to change the world, since it is only the mirror. Man’s attempt to change’ the world by force is as fruitless as breaking a mirror in the hope of changing his face. Leave the mirror and change your face. Leave the world alone and change your conceptions of yourself. The reflection then will be satisfactory.

Freedom or imprisonment, satisfaction or frustration can only be differentiated by the consciousness of being. Regardless of your problem, its duration or its magnitude, careful attention to these instructions, will in an amazingly short time eliminate even the memory of the problem. Ask yourself this question: “How would I feel if I were free?” The very moment you sincerely ask this question the answer comes. No man can tell another the satisfaction of his desire fulfilled.It remains for each within himself to experience the feeling and joy of this automatic change of consciousness.

The feeling or thrill that comes to one in response to his self-questioning is the Father state of consciousness or Foundation Stone upon which the conscious change is built. Just how this feeling will embody itself no one knows, as it is different for each individual, the Father (consciousness) has ways that no man knows; it is the unalterable law. This is how our thoughts affect our reality, or how co-creation works- AIl things express their nature. As you wear a feeIing, it becomes your nature. It might take a moment or a year-it is entirely dependent upon the degree of conviction.

As doubts vanish and you can feel “I AM this, “you begin to develop the fruit or the nature of the thing you are feeling yourself to be. When a person buys a new hat or pair of shoes, he thinks everyone knows that they are new. He feels unnatural with his newly acquired apparel until it becomes a part of him. The same applies to the wearing of the new states of consciousness. When you ask yourself the question,”How would I feel if my desire were at this moment realized? “the automatic reply, until it is properly conditioned by time and use, is actually disturbing. The period of adjustment to realize this potential of consciousness is comparable to the newness of the wearing apparel.

 Not knowing that consciousness is ever out-picturing itself in conditions round about you, like Lot’s wife you continually look back upon your problem and again become hypnotized by its seeming naturalness. ” Heed the words of Jesus (salvation): Leave all and follow me.” Let the dead bury the dead.” Your problem might have you so hypnotized by its seeming reality and naturalness that you find it difficult to wear the new feeling or consciousness of your saviour. You must assume this garment if you would have results. The foundation stone (consciousness)which the builders rejected(would not wear)is the chief cornerstone, and other foundations no man can lay.- Neville Goddard.

Neville Goddard is author of Your Faith is Your Fortune, Awakened Imagination and numerous other books on consciousness published in the 40s and 50s, he was one of the earliest speakers on Consciousness that travelled to give lectures across the USA, he was born in Barbados . Neville translated the Bible as the first psychological interpretation of consciousness that has been completely misunderstood and he’s work shows how to use it to create and manifest that which you desire, through the conception of intention (Mary) and the imagination (Jesus) son of God (Consciousness)

By Carlita Shaw, author of The Silent Ecocide-the environmental crisis is a crisis of human consciousness

Listen to a podcast I made on Awakened Imagination and more information about Neville Goddards work.

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