The Birth of Solutions



We are living in a time where we are at war with everything in order to preserve our health, our environment, our fellow creatures, our human rights and even fighting for the right to choose how we farm and what we eat, this is literally a war on human survival and human consciousness, a war pushed upon us by the oligarchy, a war that we were blindly coerced and trapped into, yet as voluntarily supporters, as willing slaves.

Many people I know are feeling overwhelmed by current world events, some feel that the global level of political corruption is so deep that there is nothing we can do to change things, these people will often use the words ‘us’ and ‘them’, them being the oligarchy, the control system, or many know them as secret societies such as the Illuminati. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when you become aware of these issues. This is something I understand. My background is primarily as an Environmental scientist, I too, at times felt overwhelmed and know that the level of environmental devastation, animal and human exploitation is not something we can easily change after dedicating my whole life to this field and seen very few triumphs.

However, I now see things entirely differently and those that follow my writing or my podcast will know I often refer to this situation as an environmental crisis reflecting the crisis of human consciousness.

So, I offer some thoughts for those that feel helpless or overwhelmed and I suggest you explore some links below and or listen to my latest podcast ”Awakened Imagination”, for further support, which can be found on my site over at Sailing Beyond Knowledge at Podomatic.

If we keep affirming a victim mentality with believing ‘they have ultimate control’, it is only our conditioned victim mentality that gives ‘them’ such powers. It is definitely a daily discipline to decondition oneself from the victim frame of thinking, it is a deep conditioning that we all have been playing a part of.

The current ‘control system’ is only operating from one tiny low vibrational field of consciousness, which is limited by our belief that ‘they’ are all powerful, however, ‘they’ are only motivated by their fear of us realizing the truth and their arrogance that they are more powerful than the natural course of evolution which is taking place now, it will take each of us to realize we are co-creating the reality we are experiencing.

This control system that wants us to feel diminished and helpless cannot control a human being that realizes s/he is no longer a victim in the new reality, whilst we discover we are unlimited multisensory beings that can shape our own reality because we are part of a multidimensional universe which is infinite and ever changing. The environmental crisis is a crisis of human consciousness, though consciousness is changing in the face of destruction.


We are forming a global tribe of caring, conscious and active beings, doing many important things to focus on the solutions to move into a new paradigm of conscious living aligned with planetary and universal harmony. Our ”tribe” of conscious caring beings is now gathering momentum in the millions, things are changing. It is a crucial time to take your attention away from what the corrupt system is doing and focus with intention using your mind and your heart on what you want to see the world change too, for earth and for your children. By doing this, we can terraform the future survival of humanity with intention, imagine the world you want to live in, this itself is powerful if enough of us are using our intention to open doors to manifest a new reality on many levels.

We have to embrace any opportunity we can to be sustainable, live in or work with sustainable communities off the grid that are growing in number worldwide, move somewhere you can easily access the land and work with other communities to grow food, if you live in a city, support organic and sustainable communities, get involved in some active way. From my own sources I know of incredible things happening, more and more people are using alternative energy devices at different locations around the world for their communities.

Humans are extremely resilient, the Gaia consciousness of the earth is too, she is very strong. So I ask those of you that feel defeated and powerless to realize that there is still hope, hope that lies with the growing millions that carry a new torch. Please try and be positive, at least for all of us if not for yourself, it is what each of us as brothers and sisters of a dying earth owe to the planet and one another and need to be in order to rebuild a new conscious community and sustainable system. Connect with promising powerful movements with the millions of people whom we are working with, very powerful global awakened connections, so put your intent there on solutions, and take your focus away from the darkness, the light needs to gather momentum now, so we can make the change quickly.

Check out the links below including the Ubuntu movement, a growing movement that is also making steps to become a political party in every part of the world, growing in number of supporters, not just in South Africa but in the USA and Europe and there will be one here in South America soon. Ubuntu educates people on human sovereignty and sustainability, they are going to be running political parties world wide. Then check out the New Earth Nation which is busy organizing world wide blueprints for global sustainable communities and education programs they are also collaborating with Ubuntu and the Thrive Movement. These powerful conscious movements need your help and support. This is the birth and foundation of a new way of life for humans born out of destruction. I believe that those of us that are conscious and understand how to become self sufficient will survive.

Nothing stays the same, everything changes. In realizing we are multi-sensory beings and that this reality is a fictional construction dictated to us. Then we are no longer victims to it. If we are able to realize this and many of us are, then ‘their’ attempts to ”control” us is failing miserably which is why ‘they’ are being more intensive with their efforts to curb our evolution of consciousness.

As Quantum Physics is beginning to realize that even the smallest particle is affected by our observation of it, this has been scientifically proven, a particle changes it’s behaviour when we are observing it, the same with trees and plants that have been discovered to communicate on a multi sensory level, when we become aware of them communicating, they respond to that awareness, again, this is because our consciousness is able to change and morph this reality because we are part of the multi-dimensional infinity of divine consciousness. This is not something any elite 1 percent can attempt to control, however hard they try…. how can one control God consciousness? It is simply not possible. This is where the elite show themselves to be ignorant or blinded by their short-sighted addiction to power and limited by existence and will stay trapped in a low vibrational field that they have built for themselves to exist in that cannot be sustained in an infinitely changing universe that we are all affected by.

God consciousness is love, this love wants to be realized in each of us or in each of our souls, this will inevitably happen as we naturally evolve from one level of consciousness to another, from the microcosm, we realize all biological cells work more successfully as a community performing and functioning more efficiently.

We naturally progress to the macrocosm from the microcosm, after the realization that any single cell that becomes self serving and not functioning for the greater good of the whole, will stop evolving and soon whither and die as there is nothing else it is in harmony with. This is why we see so much cancer about at the moment, it’s a manifestation of the malfunctioning deformations we have created as a product of our thinking that we are better off self serving and from the belief system that we are separate from our environment and universe, the macrocosm.

Those cells working as a community evolving to become higher more advanced life forms are sustainable, these life forms have achieved harmony through co-creation. While some self servers malfunction, whither and die off, the harmonious ones are self sustaining and evolving to higher states of consciousness, this natural rule applies to humans too.

We can see this from the beginning of life on earth with the early single cells evolving to our current biodiversity of elaborations of cell communities forming complex and more advanced beings from insects to large mammals and plants such as trees and earth itself as a Gaia. The formation of trillions of co-creating, interacting systems of elaborate biological communities. All in harmony with one another, everything that exists apart from us realizes naturally it is part of an infinite god consciousness, now it’s our turn to do the same.

We are a bit slower because we have allowed ourselves to become conditioned by certain misconceptions such as the idea we are separate from God consciousness or infinity. Some of us are getting there at our own rate and painfully…The ultimate change from this paradigm to a more harmonious one may not happen in our life times but it is an inevitability, not stoppable. It is part of our mission to evolve to higher states of consciousness, which is the microcosmic seed. Remember God is Love and wants us to realize we are part of this infinite co-creation.

We have the opportunity to lay the foundation stone for a new world. Perhaps we needed to create a ‘them’ and ‘us’ illusion to facilitate this realization. However, I personally hope it is no longer at the price of the planet and our fellow creatures misery and suffering or extinction……I have up till now thought that will be the outcome as we are living in the sixth greatest mass extinction of all time. However, I now have a renewed hope and faith as I have had my own personal inner transformation of feeling what I attempt to explain in words here, though words detract from the experience of God being infinite Love, that is a potential seed laying in all of us waiting for each of us to awaken to our ability and power to co-create with the creator, a new and more harmonious reality aligned with Gaia and the Cosmos:-)

Thank you for your attention

With Love from Carlita

Links and Resources

Evolve to Ecology- Information on eco housing, alternative energy, ecological economy, blue prints for sustainability

Sailing Beyond Knowledge

Ubuntu Movement

New Earth Nation

New Earth Nation Blue print…/New%20Earth%20Blueprint…

Free Energy

Breakthrough Energy Movement

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