Our External Environment Reflects Our Internal Emotional Environment


Have you ever wondered that maintaining responsibility over our internal ecology ensures a sustainable healthy external ecology.

Many of us are realizing we are multi sensory beings, we are beginning to  see that the external world can be changed through working on changing ourselves inside first before we can see changes manifest externally. Those that still live as five sensory beings, think that consciousness is determined by the external world primarily, so therefore they try to make changes externally.

After working as an Ecologist for most of my professional life, I have recently observed that the environmental crisis is a crisis of human consciousness. Nothing that I or my fellow environmental conservationists do externally will be sustained for long. The problem will continue because the root of what is unfolding before us is a reflection of our internal deformations. The root cause therefore must be addressed.

If we want to end environmental exploitation, human exploitation or war, we cannot solve this by anything we do externally, the results will not be sustained long-term unless we address these issues internally. War is an internal process associated with insecurities that fuel greed and power, exploitation is an internal process associated with feelings of low self-esteem, humiliation, anger and pain, love, peace gratitude and joy are internal processes that can heal these issues sustainably for the long-term. Our state of internal being is a part of macro ecology, if we are not mindful or responsible for cleaning up our internal landscape, this undoubtedly reflects as a manifestation on our external environment because we are one, we are not separate from our external environment, we are deeply connected to a level everything that goes on internally is co-created externally through our concept/conception of ourselves in relation to our environment and others. This is what current research in quantum physics and new advanced fields in biology is discovering.

When we have become more aligned with our hearts and souls internally and taken responsibility of all aspects of these internal processes only then will we achieve outward peace and harmony for the environment and humanity. – by Carlita Shaw

By Carlita Shaw, author of The Silent Ecocide-the environmental crisis is a crisis of human consciousness



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