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Art by Steep Aeon from Puyo Ecuador

Following in from Carlita’s recent article on the Power of Imagination click here to listen to Carlita’s podcast on Awakened Imagination

Carlita shares her recent discoveries as an antidote to the last podcast. Thanks to SBK friends and listeners Bo Atkinson from the States for forwarding Neville Goddard’s books and whom also connected Carlita to the work of the most talented photographer and painter Abe Goodale whom will be appearing on Sailing Beyond Knowledge at the end of 2014 to talk about his latest work Stepping Beyond and exhibition in Ecuador on Indigenous people and wilderness. Carlita also gives  thanks to a good friend in Canada, Fred Cusinato for making a generous donation to keep Sailing Beyond Knowledge afloat for another year

Carlita talks about the work of Neville Goddard one of the first initial speakers on Consciousness in the forties and fifties. Carlita then reads out an excerpt from her own writings on the Power of Imagination and how we have become so entrapped in this collective reality that we have no idea how powerful each of us really are, we are not victims of circumstances and we can break free of any concept of outer control limitations as soon as we realize these are all illusions, much like the Wizard behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz. There is no such thing as luck or synchronicity or good fortune, everything we experience is a result of every single thought and feeling we are experiencing, the reason why things appear as synchronistic in nature is a result of thoughts manifesting into reality, even the background unnoticed mind chatter contributes to shaping our current reality. Once we realize this and begin to take action to become masters of our imagination and quiet the mind chatter, we begin to experience a harmony of our outer reality with realizing our inner dreams to a level that transforms lives and eventually the world, once we awaken to the magic in our imaginations. There is a nineteen minute excerpt of Neville Goddard speaking on the Awakened Imagination. Carlita will be holding Awakened Imagination workshops later this year combined with her Hypnotherapy work which is a very powerful combination.

”There’s nothing to change but our concept of self. Humanity is a single being despite its many forms and faces, and there is in it only such seeming separation, as we find in our own being when we are dreaming. The pictures and circumstances we see in dreams are creations of our own imagination and have no existence save in ourselves. The same is true of the pictures and circumstances we see in the circumstances of this dream of life. They reveal our concepts of ourselves. As soon as we succeed in transforming self, our world will dissolve and reshape itself, with that which our change affirms. The universe that we study with such great care is a dream, and we the dreamers of the dream, eternal dreamers dreaming noneternal dreams. One day, like Nebuchadnezzar, we shall awaken from the dream, from the nightmare in which we fought with demons, to find that we never really left our eternal home, that we were never born and never died, save in our dream”- Neville Goddard.

Further Mentioned Links and Resources

Awakened Imagination Neville Goddard Books

Abe Goodale Stepping Beyond South Americas Indigenous people and landscapes-photography and art project. His photography and paintings can also be seen at Abe Goodale tumblr


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