On the illusion of needing healing,


Do you feel you are broken in mind, body or spirit?  This is an illusion. Here is something to contemplate… We are all aspects of God or divine consciousness, therefore we are all perfect as we are, whatever emotional state we experience. The idea that we need to reach a goal to attain a state of constant joy or peace in order to be in harmony with source, is quite dismissive of the infinite nature of God that we reflect, it is also merciless on our humanity. We were not made to walk around blissful forever, infinity is having the ability to experience the richness of it ALL…then what we do with those experiences creates our wisdom, though some of that comes from our soul’s knowingness. We have to practice drawing on this inner awareness daily, moment to moment to let every emotion pass through us, and to be grateful for it all.

I see it like this, we need reference points, landmarks or polarities to navigate our way through experiences, just like we need the illusion of space between objects to be able to judge where to move our bodies from A to B. If we didn’t have these reference points, we wouldn’t know what heaven or hell was. We are born to the right to experience it all, therefore there is no need to become anything other than  what we already are.

Infinite LOVE 🙂



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