The Song of The Many Sided Soul by Yael Zivan (17 yrs old)

let me

This is the song of the many sided soul

Let me be calm

let me be free

this is not all i am allowed to be

Let me be wild

Let me be proud

It does not mean i am always that loud

Let me be happy, let me be sad, and occasionally let me be unreasonably, and furiously mad,

Let me be Poignant,

let me be deep

Yes i am sheltered, and yes i will leap,

Leap with no fear and leap with such force

because art and purpose will serve its course

I am a vehicle of the soul, and a pardon from god

A label will brand me and cage me and blind me but the labeler’s mind will lose me or find me.

I am so much more than a statistic or name,

So much more than a figure of a body or frame,

So much life,

so much breath, so much thought, so much depth, so much fight, so much light…

So much to learn and so much to know. So much to change, so much to grow,

So here i stand, alone and untamed. I am unarmed and silent and i am never afraid…

So don’t dare decide that i’m something i’m not, don’t dare cast me in your story if you don’t know the plot.

Let me define my own divine path. Your imperfections are teachers and i love you for that.

I know not my purpose,

i know not my goal,

but this is the song of the many sided soul

by Yael Zivan

April 11th, 2O13

Art image by Amuletz

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