A New Consciousness on Love and Sexuality

Searching for artist
Searching for artist

It may come as a surprise to those of you that have been reading this blog, I am not only a practicing hypnotherapist, primarily I am a biologist and ecologist. Over the last 7 years  I have worked with indigenous communities deep in the Amazon Rainforest and the Highlands of Guatemala, devoting much of my time to learning what I can from indigenous cultures,  their insights are valuable gateways to understanding lost knowledge. Through this and much of my work in environmental conservation for some 12 years, I have felt that working as a therapist can be just as valuable to working as an ecologist, why? Destruction, exploitation and conflict are driven by human insecurity, unrest and greed which can only be resolved by creating inner peace.  The environmental crisis is a crisis of human consciousness, we have lost our true sense of humanity, our ancient spiritual connection with the earth and cosmos has been violated and forgotten, the sacred masculine and feminine have been exploited, humiliated and perverted, our communities fragmented through fear, our governments are blinded by the love of money and power instead of serving the best interests of humanity or preserving the earth.

It was Jimi Hendrix who said quite simply ” When the love of power is over come by the power of love, only then will the world know Peace”. This is why we must transform and heal our deepest inner being, saving the world and humanity is now an inside job. Anything you or I do externally to take action cannot be sustained until humanity has found inner peace, this will then be reflected outwardly and we will see a new golden age unfold, harmony and peace for the environment and every living creature that is a part of earth will resonate with divine consciousness.  Part of that inner healing is to address healing our deeper wounds with sexuality and love, it is important healing for transforming our old archetypal roles dictated by society and culture and to find a new way of being with one another.

If we are to find inner peace, this aspect of human consciousness must be addressed. I am currently reading an excellent book by Dieter Duhm, called ‘The Sacred Matrix’ which combines deep ecology with exploring new ways of being for humanity with the aim at building a more peaceful planet for all. There is a section in the book that addresses  the writing of Sabine Lichtenfels, whose work is a valuable contribution to healing the rift between men and women and could create a new  foundation to spiritual and sexual love of self, one another and divine consciousness.

Searching for artist
                    (Searching for artist)

Lilith’s words. The Healing Message in Sexuality

Lilith is an aspect of Nammu, the Goddess of Life, and thus an aspect of all women. All men are attracted by this aspect, even if they feel they have to resist it with all their power.   In Hagar Qim, an ancient temple ruin on Malta, Sabine Lichtenfels fell into a trance-like state and encountered Lilith. In her book she writes of this encounter and gives a rendering of Lilith’s words. Sabine posed some basic questions to Lilith bout the issues of Eros: What can be done so that the full intensity of Eros can be lived? How do we over come Jealousy in Love? How can one remain centered and connected to ones own power? Why is the fear so great in this area and how can it be overcome?

This was Lilith’s great answer:

The longing for the unknown in love, the intense desire that a glance by a stranger or the form of a body can elicit and the longing for a  couple relationship and a partnership both share the same core. Two beings want to love and recognize each other in their beauty and freedom. They would like to give themselves. They want to arrive at the deepest foundation of communication in elementary body presence. It is the very basis of the Goddess that we encounter when the gaze of a stranger, of a man or a woman, hits us full force. And it is the longing for the eternal presence of the Goddess and of coming home to her that touches us in our longing for permanent intimacy and partnership. It is the memory of the source of Creation, from which we all have come. It is a reminder of the fact that at the deepest level we are all connected in one existence. We want to find this again. All our cells want to be suffused and lit up by this insight. Nothing strange should separate us anymore. The light of mutual recognition should shine onto the presence and familiarity of everyday life.

The one cannot be understood, and especially not fulfilled, without the other. Neither can find fulfillment or peace without understanding the sacred aspect of  sexuality. It is the longing for transformation,  for the permanent presence of the divine that seek fulfillment in the longing of the sexes. In both cases it is the Goddess who the man has briefly seen in woman and that he is now trying to encounter. In her male lover, the woman seeks manifestations of male divine power. Behind all her longings we find the sensual Messiah.  The longing of Creation is reflected in the longing of humans. The earth will not rest and the sky will not pause until this longing has found its true fulfillment. Every fulfillment gives birth to a new longing. That is the game of Creation that guides all becoming.

There is nothing that seeks a balance in its own center, and nothing that seeks certainty in its own center as much as the fulfillment of longing in love. The rituals and rule of life that our ancestors abided by served to find the balance in ones own middle and the power of calm and centering oneself…….

There is ultimately only one answer to all of your questions. The issue of Love can only find its solution from the connection with the whole. In this connection lies the healing for jealousy,  fear, violence, and the pain of the fear of being abandoned. Practice being connected with Creation and you will be taken safely to the goal of your longing. Follow the energy, but be awake and present as you do so. The divine voice lives within you. Only those that know this will be able to meet it on the outside.

No man and no woman will be able to satisfy your longing unless you have found this connection from within again. If impatience or fear arises in you, then that too, is a sign of the presence of the Goddess. They are already signs of  great blocked energy…..Get to the bottom of your fear and you will find the answer. Follow your impatience and try to understand it spiritually; then you will find  new direction for your actions. Get to the bottom of your anger then you will find a  mighty source of power for authentic action.

By thinking that one wants to conquer what one loves for oneself, against the will of the whole, one at the same time begins to kill what one originally loved about the other. No Goddess will ever let herself be conquered and no freedom in love will ever let itself be locked up in a cage.

The mutual penetration, which is aligned with Creation, lies very close to the desire to be conquered, and this results in misunderstandings.  At a somewhat lower and less connected level, a woman’s desire to fully belong to one man is the same thought as the desire, coming from the connection with the whole, to fully love and recognize a person. Since these desires are so alike that they could be mistaken for each other, the confusion is especially intense, once the power of Eros has thrown our cells into turmoil.

Only those that truly love will really recognize each other. The healing of the future will arise through the community of those who truly love. No matter what path the individual may choose, there is only healing in the connection with the one existence. By connecting with the certainty of success that comes from complete trust and from a connection to Creation, you will find the wealth of the world within yourself and in your surroundings. You will then encounter every lover, every unknown woman, or unknown man with the necessary alertness. You will see to it that all encounters have the space and freedom needed, so that what has not yet been seen and recognized in Creation can shine in …

If you reconnect with the divine source in yourself, it is quite possible that you sometimes have to take a stand against the rule and rituals of your community. All rules and habits need the creative spirit of renewal once and again. Creation might want you to take a stand for what you love, against the spirit of the entire group, yes sometimes against your entire country, because something entirely new is budding from within, something the others have not yet seen. From a trusting place you will hear and honor the voices of the others, you will not simply rise above them, and yet you will remain true to what you love. this will initiate processes of transformation. Those who truly love will see to it that others recognize it and can also love it. This path always leads to the community (humanity/world).

It is possible that you will rebel even against the laws of Creation. If you, here too, remain connected and let the eyes of Creation (Consciousness) see through your eyes, then this can be an essential contribution to the process of transformation in Creation itself. Here too one should not forget that it is the Goddess herself who wishes to transform through you and your understanding. This process does not yet contain the pain of separation. It only comes into play when you elevate yourself above others. It is only when you have become deaf to the voice of the world and that of your heart, when you have gotten lost in the process of oppositions, when you no longer honor the law of Creation from where you came, and when your longing wants to tear you away from yourself, it is only then that the true tragedy of forgetting sets in. That is why one says love makes you blind.  You are seeking externally what you have forgotten or betrayed within.

You will treat a stranger or lover differently if you trust that through him/her an answer will come from the world and from the Goddess, rather than if you follow your despair and the belief that your longing cannot be fulfilled. Based on this belief,  you will run after the men and women, yet you will always return to the same point of pain in your own soul. Based on your trust, you will dare to do more courageous things.

When you are connected with the Goddess you act from the conviction of  your path, as if fulfillment were already within you. Even when your body is caught in desire and trembles with excitement, you will then still not abandon your inner center. You invite the Goddess to see wit your eyes and to feel with your heart. Already this decision gives you the protection that you need. You will listen to the voice of your heart and know if to act or not.

Do not believe that this will be rosy and easy. Nobody has said that it is always easy to find inner fulfillment. If we do not learn to act from this connectedness, also in the most difficult situations, we will destroy ourselves and the earth….

Too many people have fallen into these traps. Now we are facing a time of awakening for everybody. She who gains insight will unfold her gifts for the good of all; from this source comes her true wealth. Neither moral appeals nor the warnings of others will be able to bring you back to this connection. They can be an impetus for one’s own development, but in the final analysis it is always one’s own decision. Many people must go through a long process of experience until they return to this insight.

Fulfillment in sexuality and in love will not be found in any other way. Only those that recognize that the energy that flows when one is in a state of connection is more encompassing, more healing and more powerful will take this path again.  A high level of presence is needed for this process to occur. The divine source can always be found in the present. Fear always enters into our lives from a past that one could not cope with and from a projected future. I am protected from fear when I am fully present. That is a great secret, but actually it is a very open secret. You can feel you are connected to the source, for then the messages that you receive, once you have taken them in fully, elicit joy, a sense of security, and presence. A deep opening occurs in our cellular system once the thought arises that we can feel totally safe in this world.

This thought will turn you into a revolutionary in love, where ever you are. This is how deep the divine voice resides in you. This is the great revelation that keeps recurring; it is the great decision and the great freedom. It is up to you to allow it to occur or not. You will ask, again and again; how can we leave fear behind? And how do we get the power that can create peace on earth, in love, and in sexuality? And always the answer is that it is a decision to walk the path of trust and make it possible for others to do so too. Leave fear behind. Fear must disappear from the Earth. Stay with the fearlessness, day by day, hour by hour. By studying what makes this possible, deeper and deeper, you will understand the laws of the universe deeper and deeper. The answers will come to you through encompassing and existential study. In this way, you will find fulfillment in community, in  partnership, and in anonymous encounters. You will discover that they all belong together and cannot be lived separately from each other. They all appear in a totally different light if you are in a state of connection.

If at some point one honestly does not know what to do, then the only answer from the Universe is:  hold still until the power has formed itself to an answer within you. Do not waste energy on the spaces in-between. Wait until you know what needs to be done. Ultimately, it is all an energy secret about the right way to handle energy. You can listen to every detail in the world and you will always find the whole in it, and there will always be an answer. Concentration is an important element for this. It is one of the first lessons in the universal school.

Acquire the power of calm for your long journey. An immense healing power comes from calm. Calm itself has a high level of power and magic. Learn to see, to walk, to ask, and to gain realization at your own speed. It is from this process that the universe sends you encounters that carry the power of insight and healing. When you are in this state, everything is simple and clear. You know when you have the right speed for then you are on the path of inner resonance.- Sabine Lichtenfels

Thank you

Be The Change

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