Open your own Gateway to Love


One of every human interest in life is the nature of love. Love not just about being ‘‘in love” with one person romantically, many of us that go down this route find out the harsh reality sooner or later is the painfulness of romantic love, the anguish, the unrequited love, the disappointment, the broken heart, unfortunately society and culture revolve around this kind of love, idealizing romantic love in the Hollywood movie industry. We as a humanity need to re-frame the true value of a love with a higher value for human consciousness and the planet.

Real Unconditional Love is far more Infinite, nourishing, sustainable and deeper than any romantic love can go, it starts inside with just the state of being, with loving oneself in all our naked glory, ugliness and beauty,  ‘it is an inside job’ as my dear friend Johana Sand always says.

If we can get there, the rest is a natural unfurling everyday expansion outward as we are everyone, even the grumpy lady sitting next to you on the bus, she seems so bitter she has probably has not smiled since she was a child, or the angry teenagers shouting profanities in the street,  It may seem strange but it is truth♥, the ugliness, the violence, the beauty, the harmony.   Everyone that has walked into our life, our everyday perception of strangers, all that we draw through our perception, is perfect as it is, though it is not as it appears to be, the elaborate woven tapestry of illusions, projections and perceptions of this human construct. Perception itself is just pure consciousness, whence we stop owning the perception and just let it flow through us without needing to identify with it or owning it, we become free. It grows deeper and purer…..then expands outward from the joy of being, in love with being the infinite embrace of the moment.

–” You are not your story, They are not your story, the World is not your story about the world. To be Happy is to Live as the Unknown”.- – Adyashanti

2 thoughts on “Open your own Gateway to Love

  1. Just the way darkness can not remove darkness but, only Light can do that…similarly anger, hatred, sorrow can only be overcome by Love & Compassion.
    Together they create a peace within… 🙂

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