Russian Dolls- excerpt from “The Unfoldment” by Neil Kramer

Painting by Alex Grey
Painting by Alex Grey

What is special about human consciousness is that it can conceptualize to  degree that few other conscious entities can (at least, that we are commonly aware of). Humans can not only perceive and respond to things in their physical environment, but they can form mental pictures of objects, scenarios, and ideas in an entirely abstract manner.  A man can dream up a bridge in a virtual mental space. He can then sit down and make a technical drawing of it, plan the construction, and finally go out and actually build the things into physical existence. What is it that is occurring here? The human mind is changing the vibratory rate of a thought-form and moving it from a low density state (personal imaginal realm) to a high density state (consensus physical realm). As the vibratory rates change, so does the density. The faster it vibrates, the lower its density and the less physical it is. The slower it vibrates, the higher its density and the more physical it is. For example, as the vibratory rate of low density water decreases, it turns into higher density ice. The fluid becomes hard.

In the ordinary world, not everyone is prepared to accept the authentic existence of a thing that has no physical form. Most people want to see it, touch it, and smell it before they can comfortably classify it as real. In the absence of a tangible structure, therefore, there is a reliance on instrumentation for measuring the various effects that a force has on the physical world, such as with electricity, magnetism, or radiation. In circumstances where a thing has no verifiable physical form and cannot demonstrate any measurable interface with the physical world, it is usually deemed as unreal. In other words, when the density of a thing decreases beyond a certain threshold, it essentially disappears off the radar of reality altogether. Poof! Gone.

Some quantum physicists might say that they’ve been looking at similar issues in terms of studying wave-particle duality. This is the idea that quantum scale objects exhibit both wave and particle characteristics. In other words, they can either be little balls of energy or dispersed membranes of energy. One perspective on resolving this duality suggests that energy is actually always in both states at the same time, but we can only observe one at a time from our limited dimensional perspective.

My formulation of the nested layers of reality posits a number of enfolded densities. Each form that enters the theater of existence arrives in a first density state. It then slowly ascends through each density sequentially, over many millenia and through many singular perspectives and modes of being. Finally, after fully experiencing and comprehending each of the various densities, the entity may choose to return to source, to divine. Or, it can return to any realm that it has mastered through experiential  attainments and explore further. However, such is the spectacular amount of energy expended in the grand voyage of ascendancy, that a merging with the ineffable unity of the divine is a welcome prospect indeed. In a very real sense, it is going home.

Let us begin with first density on Earth. The first density is characterized by pure, undifferentiated being. It is being as radiation emanating from blackest intertellar space. Being as a vast swelling ocean on a beautiful planet. Being as a tornado moving across the plains of Nebraska. It is the base solids, liquids, gases, and chemical compounds that give expression to this primal layer.

The second density is characterized by differentiated being. In short one could say that the animal, mineral, and vegetable kingdoms largely embody this density. The innate virtue of their experience and the spontaneous purity of their consciousness form the root of an evolving intelligence that arises from the very core of the planet.

The third density is characterized by self-aware being. Self awareness represents an important plateau of attainment on the journey of consciousness and marks a considerable accomplishment for any soul vehicle. Reaching third density signifies that an unambiguously epic venture is already underway, incorporating several enormous prior density transitions. The human mind is synonymous with this distinctive quality of self-aware, conceptualizing consciousness. When properly calibrated, it constitutes the perfect mental staging area from which to shift into the first non-phyical layer.

To fully appreciate the elegant and holistic nature of reality, it is essential to grasp that each layer of density enfolds all previous layers, rather like Russian dolls. The third encompasses all aspects of the second and first, even though from their perspective, the third density is entirely unknowable and largely invisible. None of the densities are separated by space or distance; they interpenetrate one another completely. They are each a critical constituent element within a single cosmic ecology. What happens in one density affects all the others. The very greatest and oldest of entities residing in the seventh density are intimately present in our own right now, in this very moment, just as we abide in theirs. If a single divine source emanated the entire seven densities from within itself, then we are all permanently and intimately enfolded in its majestic creation. As proclaimed n Acts 17:28, ”in Him we live and move and have our being”.

The forth density is characterized by non-physical energetic being. Without the need for the anchor of physical form, entities in this realm can move, evolve an transmute themselves in a more unrestricted manner. Form is still available, though it is infinitely more pliable and molds to conscious emanations instantaneously. This is the last density where negative conduct and the conflict of war are operational.

The fifth density is characterized by multi-dimensional being, where consciousness can operate across multiple selves and densities, with simultaneous awareness. Polarity almost entirely recedes as  a teaching mechanism. The reliance on self as a vehicle for identity is no longer necessary. Parallel harmonious selves, narratives, and identity patterns being to fuse together to form  consonance.

The sixth density is characterized by creational being. This is the first realm where creation can emanate from sovereign being and doe not require transformation from another energy source. This require the ultimate responsibility and breadth of experience, thus obligating mastery of the previous five densities. No polarity at all. The consonance acts with sublime and effortless accord.

The seventh density is characterized by wholeness and divinity. It is the realm of so-called angelic entities, with awesome creational powers, complete mastery of all dimensions, and profound lineage of experiential soul threads. From here,  consonance may choose to return to source, or dive back into the adventure of separation an exploratory growth in the lower densities. These are functional layers of reality through which we can map consciousness, understand the advancement of sentient life, and trace our personal unfoldment. The number of densities is somewhat arbitrary, I can give good reasons to posit nine dimensions, 12, or 13. But I have focused on seven divisions to map the core principles of conscious evolution, partly through the teaching of my own higher self, and partly through establishing a composite picture of what I feel are the most credible esoteric sources on the subject. It is the principle of ascendant transformation that is valuable. To grasp how energy and consciousness shift and refine, is more important than attempting to establish something that is ultimately variable. – Neil Kramer, The Unfoldment.

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