“I Magi Nation”


Imagination, is a key to infinite places in the universe, I am the Magician of my Nation, which means I am the master of my reality, I create my reality, Nation can translate to the reality around you, the world that you experience. You can regard the physical body which you use as a tool to perceive reality through, you can use the power of your imagination to heal the nation of your soul,  which is your body and mind, or you can use your imagination to take a journey of consciousness to other realities or dimensions.

You are the Creator and the Observer all at the same time, Imagination is part of consciousness, Imagination creates your reality,  consciousness creates everything that is possible into existence.  Quantum physics is only beginning to understand the complex infinity of how One can exist in infinite places, other lifetimes or dimensions at the same time as One is experiencing this life. Its possible we could be living multiple lives at any moment in time.  With the right guidance we can access information beyond our Imaginations between each of these lives, time is an illusion when we exist in a multidimensional universe.

Become the master of your Imagination and Consciousness by Realizing the power of your imagination, you are a Magician, you create that which you need to see and experience for your highest good, so go ahead and create what you want to experience to make your future even more wonderful than its already guaranteed to be!

Thank you

Be The Change Hypnotherapy


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