The world is blessed to have Marula


Carlita and Marula


I went to see my friend Marula, she is a very gifted Quantum Healer, I wanted to introduce her to Buddy and as I am soon leaving Ecuador and she will be going back to Hawaii where her home is, we needed to do some more work together. Marula is a double walk in and works with non terrestrial inter-dimensional intelligence to help heal beings here, she is also in Ecuador to facilitate working with others the reopening a Stargate.

I first met Marula last October 2012, we just met through mutual friends and she offered her healing to me. I have never found anyone able to work with me  on such a powerful level as  Marula assisted me with, her presence in itself is healing, such energy is when you instantly know someone is gifted, when you feel  at peace and feel the peace and unconditional love emanating from  their presence.

Today, Marula worked with me,  we did some very powerfully intense healing. Again, in her presence I found I could accelerate the work on specific issues and shift them and release them extremely fast, her energy is a portal or conduit to a powerful source of healing, I recommend Marula to anyone that is fortunate to meet her and work with her.  I owe so much to Marula, she cares deeply for human kind.  Here are some words Marula downloaded to share with me and Buddy today.

“I am one with God,  I am 5th Dimensional,

Limitations there are none left,

In this oneness I am all that is, molecule by molecule,

I am vast,  I am able to see,  I can see through,  I am elevated,  I hear,  I can feel,  I am omnipotent,  I am effective,

I will harmony into molecules, atoms and into Consciousness, by Love and Awareness,  Love and Awareness equals Harmony,

I am All encompassing memory of total Harmony in my body, well being is accepted by my body, aura and chakras and DNA,

I am God’s expression of Creation,  I join his creation by co-creation in Gratitude,

I Am that I Am.” – Marula

Interestingly I will share a piece of information that came to me yesterday, which is on the same frequency,

“There are no limits to what the creator is observing, or what the observer is creating into existence.”

Marula says that saying the word ”Peace” in certain languages helps us heal the world and create more peace in it.  Here is the word Peace in 24 languages, the Native American Languages being the most powerful frequency.


German ”Frieden”

French ”La Paix”

Eastern European Bosnian “Mir”

Hebrew “Shalom”

Japanese “Heiwa”

Arabic “Salam”

Spanish “La Paz”

Italian “Pace”

English ”Peace”

Swalhili ”Amani”

Farsi “Ashtee”

Hungarian “Beke”

Indonesian “Damas”

Greek ” iri’mi”  *ειρήνη

Native American Navaho “K’e”

Hawaiian “maluhia”

Latin ”Pax”

Chinese “Hépjíng”   * 和平

Thai “Sautipap”   *ความสงบ

Tibetian “Shedhe”

Indian “Shanti”

South African “Vrede”

Native American Cree “Wetaskiwin”

Native American Lakhota “Wolakota”

Native American Soux “Wo’okeyen”


Buddy and Marula, both wonderful healers!

Thanks and Love again to Marula and to Buddy’s presence today which also was very healing. I feel very blessed to have such wonderful connections come into my life.

Thank you.

Be The Change Hypnotherapy

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