Trance-form Your Mindset, Transform your life!

Transformation is an Inside job, all changes we make whether in career, business, or lifestyle, this requires reframing our mindset, it requires facing our pain and stagnation, and being really honest with ourselves, sometimes painfully, to stop our old beliefs and insecurities getting in the way.

Getting clarity and perhaps changing our life goals and business goals is what you need to get out of what feels like a stagnant place for a long time? Are you a new coach and want to learn how to take your business to the next level? Do you feel overwhelmed as to where to begin with scaling your business ? Are you wanting to improving your leads and sales to the next level but tired of marketing agencies. If you are a new or seasoned coach and struggling with these things, I offer free online workshops on how you can achieve better leads, hone your offer and reach your sales goals.

Are you wanting to make some difficult lifestyle changes, do you want to stop feeling like an imposter on your own life or business goals? Do you want some clarity on what are those next steps?

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Mindset Coaching

Mindset Coaching is like self hypnosis, because you are constantly reframing and reprogramming your mind from negative stuck patterns of thoughts and habits that no longer help you. Just like hypnotherapy, Mindset coaching is the bridge of transformation that helps people find balance and conviction, while they make changes in their businesses, and lives more easily to rebuild the lifestyle that they want to be able to feel freer, more creative and have more time with loved ones and doing what they want to do. Carlita uses Mindset coaching techniques and self programming techniques with meditation, self hypotherapy and mindset coaching sessions combined to allow you to use all your brain hemispheres in a more balanced way to get the maximum potential out of yourself. Overcome imposter syndrome in your new job or profession, dissolve your fears, heal traumas, replace insecurities with self care and anxieties with confidence. Reset your Mind which is equally powerful in helping people dissolve all these problems and stress, while making lifestyle changes to rebuild health. Mindset and Hypnotherapy for Healing and Life Transformation is such a broad sphere, it depends on each individual’s needs in business and life.

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Carlita lives in Central and South America.

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