What is Hypnosis, how does it work?


Understanding Hypnosis is important in grasping the value of how powerfully transformational & healing it is as a tool for  human consciousness, the healing benefits are instantly felt. Bypassing the analytical logical mind, hypnotherapy induces a feeling of enjoyable deep relaxation. Hypnotic suggestions have been scientifically proven to reduce conflict within the human brain.

Transformations take place by facilitating direct communication with the unconscious mind. Deeply penetrating positive transformations  are experienced.

Hypnotherapy can be used for  self development, improving nutrition, changing your lifestyle,  diabetes healing, Gastric Issues, strengthening mindset, pain relief, anaesthesia, spiritual healing, trauma recovery, grief, phobias, acute anxiety,  dissolving old habits, symptom relief, weight loss,  past life regression, recovering memory loss, improving focus in studying.

You can achieve anything your minds eye can dream of for personal development & self empowerment.
Be The Change Hypnotherapy

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